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Full service internet agency TRIMM, located in Enschede, added Copernica Marketing Software to their Marketing Automation portfolio. At TRIMM we are incredibly adept with digital business development. We help clients to add organizational value by using their online channel. Offering clients a solution for Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Online Marketing Campaigns at various levels (small, medium and enterprise) is one of TRIMM's pillars.

At TRIMM we work with a dedicated team of certificated specialists. They work on the set up, execution, optimization and management of Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Campaigns on a daily basis.

TRIMM - Digital Craftsmanship

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Moutlaan 25 7523 MC Enschede Netherlands

053-48 00 480

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Full campaign management

From strategy to execution and from reporting to management, TRIMM offers all the required expertises for setting up Email Marketing Campaigns.

HTML templates

Without proper responsive templates you can`t set up effective Email Marketing Campaigns. TRIMM develops and builds conversion oriented HTML templates.


Yes, appearance does matter! TRIMM develops attractive Email templates and landing pages. TriMM also offers all the expertises to create visual translations of communication messages for achieving the best results.

Web forms

TRIMM knows from experience how to set up and implement the most effective, conversion-optimized web forms.

Data validation and optimization

Maintaining an effective database requires management, optimization and data standardization. TRIMM has a team of specialists for this.


System integration is one of TRIMM's expertises. This makes it possible to link Copernica to any other system like, Wordpress, Magento, etc.

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