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Jonas Lodewegen

File downloads disabled because of security risk

Written by Jonas Lodewegen on November 2, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, Copernica disabled file downloads upon the discovery of a security risk by one of our users. The reporting user was able to download random files by manually altering URLs. To prevent abuse, all file downloads were disabled completely on the spot.

Jonas Lodewegen

Publisher improvements

Written by Jonas Lodewegen on October 1, 2017

A lot of features of the Publisher have been added or adjusted. In this article you find a selection of the most useful ones.

Jonas Lodewegen

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Written by Jonas Lodewegen on September 28, 2017
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is rapidly approaching and will affect all organizations that process personal data, including Copernica and all its customers. As such it is important to take a close look at the rulings and to review the steps that will have to be taken.
Jonas Lodewegen

Sender Domains are going to be mandatory

Written by Jonas Lodewegen on September 13, 2017
The use of correctly configured and validated Sender Domains will become mandatory frlom the 1th of November 2017.
Thijs van Diessen

The new follow up manager

Written by Thijs van Diessen on May 2, 2017

Over the past few months we have been working on a new user-friendly follow up manager. With this flowchart editor, we empower you to easily define powerful actions within the Marketing suite template editor, when someone clicks on a link.

Thijs van Diessen

The domain

Written by Thijs van Diessen on April 6, 2017

As you may know, through the dashboard of the Marketing Suite you can configure the so-called sender domains. In this feature we made a small change.

Rens Greveling

New link tracking system

Written by Rens Greveling ,   Thijs van Diessen on March 30, 2017
Copernica has a new link tracking system. For the last few months, this new system has been tested by a part of our customer base. This pilot went great, which means that from now on we are rolling this system out for everyone. Note that this feature is not visible yet in every account.
Sander in 't Veld

Feedback loops for profiles

Written by Sander in 't Veld on March 21, 2017
Starting this week, feedback loops are also available for database profiles. If you install such a feedback loop, detailed information about the change and the resulting profile is sent to your server every time a profile from one of your databases is created, modified or removed. Users of Publisher that have database callbacks installed are advised to replace them with feedback loops.
Rens Greveling

HTTPS for sender domains

Written by Rens Greveling ,   Emiel Bruijntjes ,   Thijs van Diessen on March 6, 2017

This week we're installing HTTPS certificates for the tracking domains of all our customers. We use the Let's Encrypt API to get a certificate for every registered sender domain. This allows us to secure all hyperlinks from all the mailings that are sent from our servers.

Walter Greefkes

This week's new features and improvements

Written by Walter Greefkes on December 15, 2016
This week some handy new features and improvements were added to Marketing Suite and Publisher: improvements to the overview with follow-up actions, and logfiles and feedbackloops have become available for all users of Copernica.
Joost Horstman

Publisher interface improvements

Written by Joost Horstman on November 22, 2016

Copernica's R&D team’s main focus is the Marketing Suite and all systems supporting it. However, during the last few weeks, we've put some attention to the "old" Publisher interface, which is still being used a lot. Based on much-appreciated feedback of advanced users we’ve addressed some of our features and improved them. The following bullets were changed/added.

Laura Hilhorst

Follow-ups in Marketing Suite and other things to come

Written by Laura Hilhorst on October 4, 2016

We’d like to take a moment to inform our users about the developments on our road map at the moment. Most of these will be released soon in our software. Via our blog, our newsletter and our Twitter, we’ll inform the world once they’ve been released.

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