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Marketing Suite features

Extensive email designer

Optimal profile enrichment

Specialist in deliverability

Follow-up manager

Personal assistance

Extensive email designer

Drag-and-drop elements like banners, product feeds, and countdown timers help you create powerful email templates.

Satisfied with your design? With the library module you save self-designed blocks for reuse in future mailings.

Layered database for optimal profile enrichment

You store customer profiles in a central, layered database. That makes profile enrichment easier than when you work with fixed mailing lists. For example, you can easily add data such as 'interests', 'orders' and 'viewed web pages' under customer profiles. Every interaction leads to a more complete customer picture, which allows you to build even more relevant campaigns.

Powerful segmentations for targeted audiences

You have complete freedom in filtering customer profiles. With and/or conditions you build target groups based on, for example, purchasing behaviour, email results, customer data or a combination of them.

Powerful segmentations

Specialist in deliverability

We help you with analyses, training and advice so that your emails end up in the inbox properly.

Follow-up manager

With the follow-up manager you can easily design automated email campaigns with drag-and-drop elements. You can tailor follow-up actions to customer interactions such as a click in an email or a viewed web page. This way, every customer receives the right message at the right time.

Follow-up manager


There are dozens of integrations available that automatically link relevant data from your webshop, website or application to Marketing Suite.

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Get started carefree

During the start-up phase, a personal coach will help you get started quickly.

Your partner in email

With our SMTP servers and Mail Transfer Agent, we also take care of transactional emails and very high email volumes.

More than 5,000 marketers use Marketing Suite to get more out of their email marketing

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