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Copernica partner: ISM Online Marketing B.V.

ISM Online Marketing B.V.

ISM eCompany, full service e-commerce bureau, is al ruim 20 jaar succesvol in e-commerce. Door een succesvolle aanpak waarin bewezen e-commerce strategie, creatief interaction design, praktische online marketing en slimme techniek worden gecombineerd tot succesvolle webshops, realiseren wij e-commerce rendement voor onze opdrachtgevers. ISM eCompany biedt B2B, B2C, Cross-Channel en Online Marketing oplossingen en ondersteunt daarbij verschillende e-commerce platformen. Wij kennen als geen ander de spelregels van succesvolle e-commerce. ISM eCompany is e-commerce partner van onder andere Amac, Open 32, Sport 2000, every.day.counts, State of Art, Simon Lévelt, Pontmeyer, Enveloppenland.be, Fatboy en Duifhuizen. Meer informatie over ISM eCompany? www.ism.nl || www.ismecompany.be

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Copernica partner: BrandPulse


Brandpulse is an online specialist in the area of delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment through the right channel. We do this by means of super creative and personalised cross channel campaigns which we develop with and on the best available software. In our campaigns we bring all data sources together to create the optimal customer experience for your customers. Brandpulse not only helps with the initial set up but stays involved with the execution of the further process. By constantly monitoring and improving the campaigns, we are able to gain the maximum effect out of your marketing budget.

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Copernica partner: Qamel BV

Qamel BV

Qamel is a full service email marketing agency. With over 12 years of email marketing experience wWe provide higher conversions and more succesful interaction with your customers. We help with strategy, responsive design, templates, content, test plan and integration. Our organized processes, clear pricing structure and practical approach makes doing business with Qamel easy. We aim for measurable results and result maximization for the B2B, charity and B2C e-mail channel.

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Copernica partner: Email Enzo

Email Enzo

Enzo adviseert, bedenkt, ontwerpt en verstuurt e-mail campagnes voor o.a. webshops, websites, spaarplatformen, hotels en merken.

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Copernica partner: Ray the Mailman

Ray the Mailman

Switching from MailChimp to Copernica? I'm your man! After years of working as an official MailChimp Expert (during which I coded over 150 email templates), I decided to partner up with Copernica in 2014. My first project was / is a pretty big one (check out the case that comes with this profile to find out more), which enabled me to get to know almost every aspect of Copernica very well. You don't have to come from MailChimp in order to work with me, obviously. I'm an allround email marketing guy with years of experience. The best part: I do everything myself. That means you speak with the person who does the work. My various qualities enable me to speak the language of designers, developers and marketing folks. This makes for varied and interesting days, which keeps me sharp - which in turn works to your advantage!

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Copernica partner: Juice B.V.

Juice B.V.

Juice BV is made of experts. Experts in Online Communication, Web applications and Apps. 17 to be exact. We do beautifull content-driven projects that make ourselves proud. We don't have boundries. The only one who sets the boundries is you. Untill then the possibilities are endless.

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Copernica partner: AMVentures (We Have A Plan)

AMVentures (We Have A Plan)

Amazing Mixed Media Minds strongly believes in an expert mix of online and offline communication in order to create strong brands. We succeed in doing so for large and small brands in a world that communicates 24/7. Our refreshing approach is mirrored in the way we think and work. Why not think outside the box for a change? Together we can create surprising solutions for your communication issues. How can we serve you? Amazing Mixed Media Minds is experienced in nine areas.

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Copernica partner: Modern Minds

Modern Minds

Modern Minds ♥ eCommerce. As webshop experts and experienced entrepreneurs, we help entrepreneurs to sell online. We know everything about email marketing, online marketing and conversion. You may know us from Frankwatching.com or our book: http://www.meerverkopenmetjewebshop.nl

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Copernica partner: Quercis Information Consultants

Quercis Information Consultants

Quercis helps organizations to automate and optimize business processes. For Exact software we have developed the Exact Copernica connector to exchange data with Copernica. This allows you to select contacts in Exact and send these to Copernica. In this way account managers in our organization can see what contacts have seen your email and on what subjects they have clicked. This gives emailmarketing in your company an extra dimension. As Exact Gold partner, we offer you the combination of knowledge and understanding of software processes. Our employees have many years of experience in implementing Exact software. They have succesfully implemented the software in various industries many times, making use of their background and experience in different (managerial) functions in different functional areas in various organizations.This practical experience is of high added value in helping you to get your software and business processes to the next level.

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Copernica partner: Cream


Cream is a full-service e-commerce agency. With our certified Magento developers and close collaboration with Copernica, we are able to build successful and most importantly profitable online projects.

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Copernica partner: TRIMM. Digital Craftsmanship.

TRIMM. Digital Craftsmanship.

Full service internet agency TRIMM, located in Enschede, added Copernica Marketing Software to their Marketing Automation portfolio. At TRIMM we are incredibly adept with digital business development. We help clients to add organizational value by using their online channel. Offering clients a solution for Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Online Marketing Campaigns at various levels (small, medium and enterprise) is one of TRIMM's pillars. At TRIMM we work with a dedicated team of certificated specialists. They work on the set up, execution, optimization and management of Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Campaigns on a daily basis. TRIMM - Digital Craftsmanship

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Copernica partner: 22 Times

22 Times

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Copernica partner: A2Concepts BV

A2Concepts BV

A2Concepts is a E-Commerce agency with fashion expertise.

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Copernica partner: Groeier!


Onder de naam Groeier! werken wij als netwerkbureau voor starters, mkb+ & multinationals. Hierbij wordt Groeier! ook door verschillende reclamebureau’s ingehuurd. Naast conceptueel denkers & strategen zijn wij qua expertises een bureau op zich. Onze specialismes in het communicatievak zijn bedrijfsidentiteiten vanuit mentale merkidentiteit, merkstrategie, content marketing (storytelling), concepten, online marketing, SEM marketing (Google analytics & Google adwords), responsive websites, webbanners, affiliate marketing, vormgeving/dtp, keynote presentaties, fotografie (ook product), aansturen van operationele teams, maar bovenal zijn wij creatief. Uiteraard zijn expertises eindig. Zodra andere expertises nodig zijn worden die aangestuurd door Groeier!

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Copernica partner: Admix Connect

Admix Connect

Admix·Connect provides users of Copernica support in making templates, websites and forms and in the development of software and connections based on SOAP API, XSLT and RSS. Admix Connect is expert in data retrieval and combining them using web technology. For websites and intranet and e-mail marketing campaigns. www.admixconnect.nl +31 (0) 40 213 01 12

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Copernica partner: Happy Leads

Happy Leads

Happy Leads specialises in online lead generation, social media advertising and email marketing. Do you want to increase the number of subscriptions to you newsletter, introduce your product or service to a group of consumers, generate more requests for brochures, or do you merely want to increase your target audience? By using an extensive and diverse network, Happy Leads will find you the right target group at the right point in time. Happy Leads brings brands and people together. We like to find the right consumer for your product or service in close collaboration with you. Together, we will bring to fruition an appropriate, creative campaign for more leads, more sales or more reach. Our involvement does not end where your live campaign starts. Happy Leads manages such campaign but continues to optimise it throughout. By combining testing and analysis with our many years of experience in direct and online marketing, we strive to achieve that ultimate goal: the optimum result.

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Copernica partner: DynaGroup B.V.

DynaGroup B.V.

DynaGroup is the successful development of the Dynafix repair company. Founded in 1995 Dynafix started by offering repair services to Telco’s. Nowadays Dynafix also delivers total life cycle care for products like laptops, tablets, coffee machines or desktop computers. While offering extended repair services, together with our customers, we developed many intelligent solutions and service models for the entire supply chain. Based on this complete customer orientation we started additional business units for logistics, trusted back office services and software development. Within DynaGroup, Dynacommerce is the youngest company. Using and implementing the latest innovative technology & business models combined with highly skilled professionals and integrated technology partners, Dynacommerce is able to translate & simplify highly complex business models into sophisticated Omnichannel sales processes which is unique in this market segment and so for our clients as well. The digital marketing team of Dynacommerce is responsible for the execution of email marketing and will use the software to keep its network periodically informed of developments, but mainly to provide in customer needs.

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Copernica partner: Gladior B.V.

Gladior B.V.

Gladior is a full-service online marketing agency known for it's entrepeneurship and detailed reporting. For the past 14 years we have been thinking outside of the box to generate online business for our customers, making use of virtually all areas of online marketing. We think proactively with our customer, which allows us to quickly switch between ideas and projects. This way we ensure that an online marketing campaign fits perfectly within the marketing strategy of your organisation. Gladior offers a wide variety of services, aimed at increasing the presence of your organisation and reinforcing your brand. Within the area of e-mail marketing Gladior is capable of supporting the full process: from defining a strategy, databasemanagement and design to sending, split testing, reporting and analysing the campagin.

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Copernica partner: ResponseConcepts


ResponseConcepts is an online marketing agency specialized in permission marketing. With lead generation products in Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, France, Germany and UK, we expand your online reach by adding consumers within your target audience to your database. Our team of specialist and professionals help our partners build a dedicated engagement strategy to approach these consumers in the most effective way, in order to optimize brand awareness as much as possible.

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Copernica partner: SCOPE marketing technology b.v.

SCOPE marketing technology b.v.

SCOPE marketing technology b.v. (SMT) is thé specialist in relationship management and customer relationship management (CRM) in the financial services, education and sport and leisure. SCOPE is both the name of the company and the name of the CRM software. SMT is located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. With twenty employees we serve the Dutch market. We build and sell our software since 1987. With almost 30 years of experience we have grown to be a functional complete and technical progressive CRM supplier.

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Copernica partner: Adwise B.V.

Adwise B.V.

Internet marketing specialist in Strategie, Online marketing & Webdevelopment * 10+ ervaring * Internetmarketing bureau met passie & toonaangevende expertise * Leadgeneratie, E-commerce, Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie, Service & Loyalty, Procesoptimalisatie en Branding. Adwise is een full service internetmarketing bureau. Je kunt bij ons terecht voor de online marketing strategie, ontwikkeling, beheer en optimalisatie van websites & webshops en internet marketing campagnes. Wij combineren op doortastende wijze onze ervaring op het gebied van marketing & sales, bedrijfskunde en internettechnologie. Bovendien zijn we altijd op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen in ons vakgebied. Wij structureren jouw online activiteiten en zorgen voor optimaal bereik en maximaal rendement.

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Copernica partner: Cervino Marketing

Cervino Marketing

Our mission is to make online marketing data really easy to access and to interpret, so that both marketers and agencies want to look at our online marketing dashboards every day. And we've created a very nice dashboard for Copernica. Designing smart and actionable marketing dashboards for agencies and for individual customers is what we do, and we love doing it! We've created connections to our customers’ most important data sources and we've developed smart and easy to use dashboards for each of them. We tailor every dashboard to fit your needs. Advanced dashboards are available for: * Google Adwords, Analytics * Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram * Copernica * Coosto * And many more to come soon Working with us means you’ll have great looking and informative dashboards with ALL your marketing KPI's in one place, in no time. Not just a great Copernica dashboard, but all your stats! Our dashboards save our customers valuable time, and this means more time creating great marketing campaigns for yourself or your clients.

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Copernica partner: Arlanet BV

Arlanet BV

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Copernica partner: DLVR BV


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Copernica partner: High Teck Internet Applications

High Teck Internet Applications

No long introduction:I build internet applications with a strong focus on e-commerce, using Wordpress and Magento. Customers refer to me as no-nonsense and pragmatic.

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Copernica partner: Guapa BV

Guapa BV

Guapa Media believes in making e-commerce easier. That is why they offer Full Service E-commerce solutions. Their years of experience, no-nonsense approach and interaction with clients, make them able to exceed expectations. The communication is quick, clear and client-orientated. The professional account teams including certified consultants, developers and marketers make sure clients get the best results.

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Copernica partner: StoryMail


In the future, our customer relationship will be almost entirely digital, but at the same time it’s very important to uphold a personal approach. Customers like to do business with people, not with companies or anonymous web accounts. Hence our motto: “Go digital, stay human”. StoryMail is a cloud based application that produces and sends personalized video. Fully automated. Based on the personal data of your customer StoryMail generates an individual, customized video for each recipient. With personal videos we aim to improve the digital experience of your customer, ensuring at the same time a personal touch. Each customer receives his own relevant and personalized video message at the right time. Our approach intensifies the customer experience and leads to behavioral change. The purpose of StoryMail is to increase the lead conversion and to achieve great engagement during the customer journey. The personalized videos can be distributed in different ways: to apps, websites, social media channels, online environments and via email. StoryMail provides an API that easily links our services to the (marketing / email / CRM) platform you are working with, such as Copernica, Salesforce, Sitecore, MailChimp, Mandrill etc.

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Copernica partner: Van Ons BV

Van Ons BV

Techniek moet dingen mogelijk en makkelijk maken. Daar geloven de 15 nerds van Van Ons heilig in. Ze maken rijke weboplossingen zo duidelijk als een koe. Of het nu gaat om een simpele koppeling met WordPress of jouw Lightspeed of Shopify webshop, of om een complex data project: geen uitdaging is te groot. Doel is jouw conversie verhogen door marketing automatischer en slimmer te maken. Van Ons is achter de schermen de onwikkelafdeling van tientallen europese reclame, web en eCommerce bureaus. We houden ons dagelijks bezig met het ontwikkelen van websites, web-based software / koppelingen met API’s en het ontwikkelen van mobiele apps. Laat ons het technische zelfvertrouwen achter jouw ijzersterke visie, campagnes en ideeën zijn. Samenwerking moet altijd resulteren in oneindige groei. We staan graag naast jou om handwerk te besparen en oneindige groei te enabelen! Let op: Van Ons doet géén inhoudelijke campagnes. Daarvoor werken we graag samen met één van de tientallen andere Copernica partners.

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Copernica partner: MKB Support Desk

MKB Support Desk

Het MKB Support Desk helpt Wij MKB’ers en ZZP’ers om het ondernemersproces te verbeteren op o.a. het gebied van finance, marketing, organisatie, en automatisering.

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