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Gracious is a full-service digital agency. As the word "gracious" implies, there are some meanings that the company endorses, being: "cordial," "tactful," "elegant," and "with good taste." We have over ten years of experience as digital craftsmen and are great at creating, building and promoting awesome brands. As a Copernica partner, we are constantly busy conquering a place in the minds of your customers. Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool and also one of the most important marketing channels. Email marketing provides information flows with your current and potential customers. Customer contact moments contribute to the collection of valuable information about your customers. This is the direct key to increasing your customer loyalty and conversion. Gracious is a partner of Copernica, which offers us the possibility to provide customers with e-mail marketing software with endless possibilities. We advise you how you can use all collected data to optimally organize your marketing campaigns. Together with a team of generalists, gracious is constantly improving the customer journey and strengthening the bridge between the creative and technical world. The customer journey is central here. Be inspired by our creative, handsome minds that translate your message into a variety of cross-media applications with a continuous interaction between creativity and technology.

Every day, gracious employees, enjoy working on top brands such as: WELKE? As a Copernica-partner, gracious offers support and services for Copernica marketing software as effectively as possible. For example with automated e-mail campaigns with which you can create valuable one-to-one contact moments. Discover how gracious can help you further with:

Automated campaigns Get more out of e-mail by using the following campaigns. As you get to know the customer better, you create valuable one-on-one contact moments. You communicate with high relevance through powerful segmentations.

Personalized newsletters Use data in creative and hyper-personal e-mail campaigns. Easily increase your CTR and COR.

Customer retention Retain customers with interesting offers or relevant information based on customer data.

Repeat purchases Send an e-mail or SMS when the customer is ready for a new product.

Abandoned shopping cart Easily create an abandoned shopping cart e-mail campaign and increase your sales.

Reactivation campaign Reactivate customers after 2 years by sending an email with a personal trade-in deal of the same brand.

Birthday campaign Send a birthday campaign with a personal discount offer.

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Laan van Waalhaven 460 2497 GR Den Haag Netherlands

070 390 33 24

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Full campaign management

Keep your customers informed always and everywhere! A marketing, effective and especially cheap form of marketing is email marketing. By means of mailings we can reach (large) new customers with one push of a button for a large group. We ensure that you have the right database structure and make the database clear by making target group selections. We send targeted marketing campaigns to the target group selections and make use of the powerful personalization options. Make your mailings relevant to attract the attention of your customers, and perhaps even messages, to stay under the attention of your customers. We use the extensive statistics to enrich your database and expand your profiles. In this way you will learn more about your customers. Gracious relieves you in the field of e-mail marketing.

Magento plugins

Gracious has extensive expertise in the field of Magento. We currently serve a number of Twinkle TOP 100 customers ranging from 100 to as many as 6,500 orders per day. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the field of Magento, we can install, optimize and manage the Magento Copernica extension for you. Our technically handsome people are busy daily with optimizing the performance of the Magento eCommerce platform. We have currently taken a number of significant steps in the field of Magento performance in combination with Hybrid Cloud. We have been able to achieve the improvement in performance through the available options of HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM). Within gracious, everything revolves around cross media. We are constantly strengthening the bridge between the creative and technical world. A powerful eCommerce platform from Magento has many possibilities. We work every day to inspire our customers and help them to get even more out of Magento.

HTML templates

By means of attractive, distinctive and well-designed templates, we can bring your company to the attention of both consumers and companies on a large scale. For example, with the help of your customer base we will make a large number of coordinated relations a relevant offer, send a digital brochure and / or an informative newsletter with a single click of the button. This is an excellent means for customer loyalty (engagement marketing). This way you can keep your customers informed of all the latest developments regarding your products and / or services. Besides that the e-mail templates are well designed, the e-mail templates developed by gracious are easy to use without the intervention of a web designer. Within gracious we have designed, built and implemented repsonsive e-mail templates for various customers in Copernica. Together with you, we ensure that you are clearly visible on all available devices with your e-mail campaigns.


We provide a creative design that matches your corporate identity with the right content. It is important to increase the added value of your current customer base. Conquer a place in the minds of your customers! Does the company radiate its own vision, mission and core values? Did you know that customers are generally attracted to a company by the feeling that they get with the image? We are constantly improving the customer experience and translate that feeling so that your company gets the look it deserves! At gracious you are at the right place for all your cross media design. Whether you are looking for a responsive e-mail template, complete redesign of your current webshop or a powerful OOH campaign; gracious is ready to translate all your creative ideas into an effective visual effect.


Do you want to get more out of your website or do you want to automate your business processes? We offer you tailor-made solutions where you have access to your systems and (customer) data everywhere. Always be aware of everything within your company! We develop (Copernica) links with your external systems such as: relationship database, CMS, CRM, ERP and / or online webshop. Gracious developed and supported both SOAP and REST API links. Nowadays everything can be done online; order your groceries, arrange your banking affairs, or purchase a music track online, they all belong to the most natural thing in the world. The same can apply to your business processes. You no longer need to purchase expensive software packages that are only accessible from your office. Today there are SAAS software applications on the market, such as the e-mail marketing software from Copernica. We develop your websites and web-based automation systems with the latest open source software and tools. In this way you are always assured of a safe, reliable and user-friendly system. Too good to be true? Nothing is less true! We facilitate the complete (online) automation of your business processes. Now you can easily manage your sales, purchasing, sales, marketing and other business processes online through your own environment! How? Together with you, we map your business processes and merge your current systems into one easy and clear system that is an extension of your website. So you and your employees no longer have to worry about failing systems or servers. Your system runs online and is therefore always and everywhere accessible. We work with the following programming languages: (X) HTML (5), CSS 2 and 3, XML / XSL, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and C #.

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