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Switching from MailChimp to Copernica? I'm your man! After years of working as an official MailChimp Expert (during which I coded over 150 email templates), I decided to partner up with Copernica in 2014. My first project was / is a pretty big one (check out the case that comes with this profile to find out more), which enabled me to get to know almost every aspect of Copernica very well.

You don't have to come from MailChimp in order to work with me, obviously. I'm an allround email marketing guy with years of experience. The best part: I do everything myself. That means you speak with the person who does the work. My various qualities enable me to speak the language of designers, developers and marketing folks. This makes for varied and interesting days, which keeps me sharp - which in turn works to your advantage!

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+31 6 594 210 66

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Copernica's API offers a lot of options - and I love using them. You need a custom lightbox signup form? No problem! My weapons of choice are PHP and JavaScript (and - by extension - AJAX and jQuery).

HTML templates

Coding HTML emails is my absolute specialty: I've literally coded hundreds of them. I only use real life hardware and software for testing, so no screenshot based simulations. Before you even start to set up your first campaign, I've already seen your template on a whole bunch of actual desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. I love it!

Full campaign management

You want to live a care free life? No problem! In terms of email marketing, that is. I'm a designer, developer, copywriter and projectmanager, so I speak all the languages. Feel free to hook me up with any employee or outside party that you need me to talk to - and I'll gladly do so in their own dialect. But need a strategy! That means identifying target groups, setting goals, creating a concrete plan and most of all: making sure your email strategy is well integrated with your other marketing channels. That's the part we do together. After that you'll be living on Easy Street!

Copy writing

I love to write. I am interested in just about anything, which makes it easy for me to see through other people's eyes. There is no platform that relies on text as heavily as email does: most email clients don't display images right away, which means the words in your email are crucial.


Designing emails is different from designing...well, anything else really. Webbrowsers offer a lot of graphical features that email clients don't. That doesn't mean an email can't be pretty though. In fact, simplicity in its own right can be a beautiful thing. My design philosophy is: Basic Design Done Extremely Well.

Web forms

Webforms put the "inter" in "internet". Without forms, the internet would be static and boring. Whatever kind of form you need (sign up, unsubscribe, update profile, survey) - I can deliver it!

Wordpress plugins

WordPress is an amazing and very flexible platform. I develop custom WordPress themes and custom WordPress plugins, so I'me very familiar around these parts.


Partner's project

Barvee: merging databases & enriching subscriber profiles

Barvee is Belgium's number one travel promotion agency. CenterParcs, Neckermann, Landal and TravelBird are just a few of the many organizations they've partnered with over the years. Bart (the owner) had been using MailChimp for a while, but he felt he wasn't making the most of his email strategy. So...we moved and merged his subscribers (over 1 million of them, spread out over a dozen lists) into a single Copernica database, removing duplicates and bounces, preserving unsubscribes from the past and implementing a procedure that now allows us to tag links in order to enrich subscriber data between multiple brand websites (among which and The result: better targeted emails. Additionally, I designed and developed a series of responsive email templates that Bart now uses to send out roughly 10 million emails each month. His database continues to grow - courtesy of the lightbox signup form I developed for his WordPress websites.

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