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Working with U Digital means entering into a partnership. If you trust in our expertise to realize growth. We will promise you that in return you will work with the best specialists in the field, who are keen to achieve monthly success for you organization. The transfer of knowledge is self-evident within the partnership. We understand you want to secure the online knowledge within your organization. We ensure you that we will transfer our online knowledge to your team. Let's go digital together!


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The possibilities in programming email campaigns are endless. Our developers go to great lengths to make sure the campaigns for our customers contain everything that Copernica has to offer. In addition, U Digital specializes in programming links, landing pages and templates.

HTML templates

U Digital develops remail templates that are fully designed and optimized in our client's design style. Of course, the templates are fully responsive on mobile phones, desktop and tablets. Our email specialists ensure that the email templates contain the essential elements to achieve the highest possible conversion rate.

Full campaign management

U Digital wants to completely unburden its customers. Every email story starts with data. We are therefore very enthusiastic about data. We help our customers to collect a complete database. After the database is fully set up, we link effective campaigns to the obtained data. We focus on well-thought-out strategies where performance and added value are a paramount.

Copy writing

Design and a good flowing text go together flawlessly. To reach you target group with the right message is essential. U digital is familiar with the factors of a commercial text and specializes in conveying the right message to achieve email goals. Well-drafted texts are powerful means of encouraging the reader to take action. That is why we always respond to the correct tone of voice of the target group.


A good email template design is of great importance in email marketing. Our in-house designer gives our email templates a professional and luxurious look. In order to properly convey a written message to the reader, it is important that attention is focused on the correct enamel parts. U Digital provides the right balance between the design, texts and technology so that email campaigns perform optimally.

Web forms

Web forms give your subscribers control over the frequency of emails. Drawing up smart and well-thought-out web forms is a profession in itself. It is important to keep the database relevant and "clean". Reaching the right people at the right time is therefore important. Looking at the customer journey, different messages are important for each phase. This way you can persuade customers to make a purchase through smart offers. U Digital has experience in preparing website forms in Copernica.


Nothing makes us more enthusiastic than conveying our acquired knowledge. We love to highlight all possibilities and opportunities that Copernica has to offer. From creating databases to sending a monthly newsletter. Our Copernica experts are happy to explain it.

Wordpress plugins

An active link between Wordpress and Copernica can provide real time data. Examples are: customer data, order, quotes and registrations. This smart link ensures automated and personalized campaigns based on the data obtained in the webshop environment. This means that the campaigns can be set up to reach the email targets.

Magento plugins

An active link between Magento Webshops and Copernica offers many possibilities and insights into data. It gives us the opportunity to create automated campaigns such as an abandoned cart campaign. This makes the campaigns even more relevant and personal. Think of personalized product suggestions based on click and purchase behavior.


Partner's project


Since 2018 we have been working with Dermalogica to get the most out of email marketing. We support Dermalogica in building templates and setting up automatic email campaigns such as the birthday campaign and the abandoned shopping cart campaign. Through various forms we enrich the database and segment the database. We sent personalized emails based on the gathered information.

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Planet Happy

U Digital supports Planet Happy in the use of Copernica. In addition, we help Planet Happy create responsive email templates and send regular newsletters (with GIF). Through profile enrichment we know the age and gender of the children of Planet Happy's customers. Based on the age and gender, each profile receives a personalized email with gift recommendations. In addition, we use product information from Google Analytics to realize upsell campaigns and ensure that Planet Happy is always relevant to its customers.

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We have set up a fully automated welcome flow for Ventilation Land. By adding enough triggers to the email flows, the conversionratio increased. The email is fully dynamically loaded. In addition, we set up a discount code flow for Ventilatieland. This way their customers always stay informed about the maintenance of their products or when they need to be replaced.

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Together with Intemo we have prepared a responsive email template (suitable for desktop and mobile). This allows Intemo's online marketer to send the newsletter to their B2B customers every month. In addition to newsletters, we also send automatic campaigns such as the welcome campaign and the product campaign. We also train the online marketer, so that Intemo can control their own email marketing campaigns.

Partner's project

Banden Op Locatie (BOL)

For Banden Op Locatie we have set up a review mail which is sent after customers have used the service of Banden Op Locatie. With this information Banden Op Locatie can optimize their service.

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Chilly specializes in swimwear, nightwear and lingerie and sends its customers personal mails based on customer's selected preferences. We support Chilly by setting up (newsletter) templates and setting up automatic campaigns such as the profile enrichment campaign. We also train Chilly's employees so that they can control their email campaigns as much as possible.

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