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Store data about your contacts, add custom fields and use them to create advanced segmentations based on data from multiple databases.

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Send personalized emails. Use what you know about your customers to deliver relevant information, to the right audience, at the right time.

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Plan, create, and manage customer journeys based on your customers' data and behaviour. Build strong relationships with your customers by sending emails with a personal touch.

What our customers are saying about us

We are able to create our very own digital newsletter in a simple and self-sufficient way using Copernica Marketing Software.
Baars en Bloemhoff
With the marketing software of Copernica and the customization of Tribal we can offer our customers high-quality campaigns at a good price.
Tribal Internet Marketing
With Copernica Marketing Software we are able to efficiently create and send press releases to our subscribers by email.
Winkelman Van Hessen
At the moment, we are generating some very good results using Copernica, for example our click through rate of over 20%!
Suitable Shop
We use the Copernica software for clients and ourselves, as a CRM tool and for sending out newsletters.
Copernica offers us a very extensive platform with various functions, and has good interaction techniques with our ERP system.
Tennis Planet
We enjoy working with Copernica for setting up, sending and monitoring our (e-)marketing campaigns because of the user-friendliness, reliability and integrity.
Mitsubishi Motors
Copernica offers a fantastic way to store data and really understand the customer.
Brett Sammels, LAW Creative
Copernica's overall delivery statistics are very high, this gives our clients real comfort. The support to Zeke from the Copernica team is faultless - We feel good about building more business on this platform!
Zeke Creative
With Copernica we send monthly newsletters with ease. In addition, surveys and webforms for different stores.
Martin Bless, Simon LĂ©velt

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