5 ways of generating turnover

A Copernica partner license gives you access to five ways of generating extra turnover.

How to generate turnover with a Copernica partner license?

For any agency, a partner license is an ideal way of creating substantial and recurring revenue. The following revenue models enable you to get the most out of your partner license:

Accounts and users

With a partner license, partners add accounts and users against a reduced cost. As an agency you can determine your own price level to your clients. By sticking to the pricing for end users, you automatically benefit from attractive margins.

The more accounts and users, the higher the margins.

Are you interested in learning more about the partner license pricing and the prices for extra accounts and users? Request the partner pricing now!


For a partner, Copernica calculates the usage of the software, such as email messages sent, over all accounts. Therefore, your variable costs reach lower tiers sooner and purchasing bundles comes into view before you know it.

A calculation example; Let's say that you have 10 clients who send 50,000 emails a month each. Your total monthly volume then is 500,000 emails. By following the pricing on Copernica.com you would charge every client £650,-. Because your volume totals to 500,000, you can purchase a bundle for these emails. The cost for a bundle of 500,000 is £750,- in total, bringing your net margin to a thumping £5750,-. Of course, you can also offer the purchase of bundles to your clients.

Receive a commission from Copernica users

When in need of support, development of campaigns and integrations, creating templates, training and other services, users can contact registered Copernica partners directly via Copernica.com. You can register as a partner via your account on Copernica.com. As soon as a user selects you as their partner of choice, you instantly become the first point of contact for questions about and support of the software. While the connection is active, Copernica rewards you with 10% of all turnover from this user. Register as a Copernica partner now!


As Copernica develops generic software, it's the partners that provide all additional services. So besides revenue from accounts and variables, the partner license offers substantial opportunities to generate turnover via services as well. Examples include campaign management, template development and training users.


Often, it is important to connect Copernica to an external CRM and/or e-commerce platform. An integration is an ideal way to set-up this data exchange.

Besides the fact that developing an integration is an ideal way to get more out of your existing relations, it is also a great means to expand your network. You can generate turnover from an integration via a recurring fee for the integration, but also from services. These services, eventually, might lead to large-scale projects.

Use the powerful SOAP API to develop an integration and profile yourself to a specific target audience via the integrations page. Copernica supports with marketing for example by publishing joint content or organizing a joint seminar.

The five ways of generating turnover with a partner license visualized

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the excellent opportunities of generating extra turnover with a partner license.

Copernica partner model