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The domain

Written by Thijs van Diessen on

As you may know, through the dashboard of the Marketing Suite you can configure the so-called sender domains. In this feature we made a small change.

If you add a sender domain, for example when you want to send email from a new domain, you see a list with recommended DNS settings. These recommended settings that you need to copy, referred previously to a subdomain of “”. Some users found it strange, because they were not familiar with our SMTPeter service. They found it odd to refer to unknown subdomains in their DNS settings.

To avoid such confusion in the future, we changed the recommended DNS records. Now you see, if you’re setting up a new sender domain, a subdomain. There are no references anymore to subdomains of But no worries, all previous settings are still working, you don’t have to change anything to existing sender domains setting. Both subdomains are working fine and are referring to the correct settings.