Richard Hordijk

Copernica will stop RC4 cipher support on API endpoints

Written by Richard Hordijk Feike Wierda Clyde Semeleer on

Copernica will no longer support the outdated RC4 SSL cipher. We stopped supporting this cipher on our websites a long time ago, but kept it available on our API servers for legacy purposes. On the 12th of November Copernica will stop support RC4 on our API servers.

After the 12th of November only modern SSL ciphers will be supported on our and endpoints.

API users that still use the outdated RC4 SSL cipher can temporarily use the (REST) and endpoints for their API requests. These endpoints are available starting the 28th of October.

These endpoints will only be available for a two month period to give users the opportunity to change to modern ciphers. The endpoints will be removed on the 2nd of January 2016.

If you have any questions please message support at