Clayton van Oostwaard

Digital Marketing First 2011

Written by Clayton van Oostwaard on biggest marketing event in Belgium, Digital Marketing First, took place on October 11 at Tour & Taxis. Copernica presented itself prominently as a developer of marketing software. Voice, conversational agency in Brussels, presented itself as a Certified Copernica partner at the DMF. It is clear that dialogue marketing is a trending topic in Belgium looking at the number of specific questions asked by the visitors about e.g. profile enrichment and automated campaigns to manage their contacts., Copernica end user
Oskar van Straaten, founder and director of, specializes in pet supplies and outdoor life, shared his insights and experiences in the field of database marketing with Copernica. The sheets of his presentation, "Targeting and interacting with your (potential) customer using database marketing ', can be found below.

Voice, Copernica partner
VO!CE a social media communications agency focused on the Social Customer Experience. Today people do everything with social media and mobile platforms! Voice has unique tools, experience and experts to help you get a lot more out of your marketing! From awareness to conversion, from leads to loyalty! Get higher reach, more engagement, deeper relations!