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Digital Marketing First a great success for Copernica

Written by Walter van der Scheer on

Walter van der Scheer tijdens zijn keynote sessieOn October 22nd, over 2000 marketing professionals visited Digital Marketing First in Brussels. 400+ visitors attended Walter van der Scheer's keynote presentation, and both workshops were fully loaded with people interested in optimizing their e-marketing campaigns. Both presentations are added to this article.

The enormous visibility of Copernica BV before and during the event led to a continous stream of interested marketeers to the stand, keen to learn more about Copernica Marketing Software. Native French speakers were unanimously enthusiastic about the introduction of the French version of Copernica Marketing Software. The French workshop of Thomas van Roy, conversational consultant at our Belgian reseller Voice was also packed!Copernica stand

Interested visitors had the opportunity to sit back and relax at the bar in our stand to enjoy the user friendliness and extensive features of Copernica Marketing Software.

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