Follow-ups in Marketing Suite and other things to come

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We’d like to take a moment to inform our users about the developments we're working on at the moment. Most of these will be released soon in our software. Via our blog, our newsletter and our Twitter, we’ll inform the world once they’ve been released.

Follow-up actions in Marketing Suite

Right now, it’s already possible for users to create automated campaigns, like birthday, winback or resell campaigns, based on dynamic database selections. At the moment, we’re working hard on the next step: follow-up actions. As you know, this is already possible in the Publisher environment. Soon, you’ll also be able to easily use them in the Marketing Suite. The foundation for it is currently being laid. We’ll release more information about this in the near future.

Elaborated statistics in Marketing Suite

Statistics in the Marketing Suite will be improved to give the user an even better overview on their email campaigns. We’re doing this by creating a dashboard on which the user can discover trends in their email traffic. This way, you’ll be able to see, for example, on what days your emails are opened more often. Also new are the click-heatmap feature, which allows users to see heatmaps on click behaviour and new, extended A/B testing solutions. Another sneak preview: this fall, we’ll be publicly releasing statistics on over billions of emails…

Database Management tool in Marketing Suite

Very soon, it won’t be necessary anymore to use the Publisher to manage selections and profiles, because it will be possible to do so from within the Marketing Suite. The Marketing Suite will offer a new way of selecting profiles using segments and filters. Importing and exporting data will also be simplified.

Around 256 small additions to Publisher

The Marketing Suite isn’t the only one getting TLC: Publisher isn’t left behind either. Although we’re developing the Marketing Suite to be the ultimate environment for most users, we still have a group of ‘power users’ that appreciate the flexibility of the Publisher environment. Therefore, we’ve set the goal to make small changes and additions in October and November. During this, the interface will not be left behind. We’ll update you with an extended blog post on all the new (expected) functionalities.

Optimization of network structure

The number of Copernica users, especially large e-commerce organizations, keeps on growing and with that, the amount of data saved grows, too. To accommodate our users, Copernica constantly works on optimizing performance. To create room for a variety of improvements concerning capacity and performance, our Operations team has been getting their hands dirty on a large-scale maintenance project. This weekend, the finishing touches will be added and. We’ll update you about the advantages of this project through a detailed blog post.