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Integration between Exact and Copernica Marketing Software available

Written by Michael Heering Jeffrey Bertoen on

As of today, the Exact integration with Copernica Marketing Software is available for use. The integration is a connector that seamlessly connects both software systems. The Exact connector is available for users of Exact Synergy ASP, Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe 'Next'. The integration is offered by Copernica Registered partner and Exact Certified Gold Partner Quercis.

The need for the integration has been around for quite some time. And after the transfer of several Exact Synergy clients of Zoomio to Copernica, Quercis started developing the connector. The connector is to replace the Exact Synergy Campaigner.

The connector enables a user to automatically synchronise all stored data in Exact with Copernica Marketing Software. All the changes made within your Exact database(s) are also stored in Copernica and vice versa. Another great advantage for the Exact users is the possibility to send custom made email campaigns using Copernica. Every opt-out and bounce registered by Copernica will also be processed and stored automatically in Exact.

New integrations

"The Exact Connector is a great addition to the existing Copernica integrations. After offering Magento, Hybris and Drupal integrations, we can now add CRM integrations to our features. Recently our German partners launched the Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 integration and now we can add the Exact integration to this list. Our partners and Copernica will keep developing and will continue to expand the list of integrations for our users.", says Michael Linthorst, managing partner at Copernica.

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