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Sunday the 31st of May 2009, a new beta version of Copernica Marketing Software has been successfully released. This version resolves some known issues and has some new functionalities added. This version will now be tested by Copernica BV. We work with our software on a daily basis, so possible issues will be noticed immediately.

After a month of thorough testing, the final version will be released round the 1st if July. By then all Copernica Marketing Software users will switch to the new version. We will inform you on time about the precise release date and possible consequences of this release.

Summary of improvements and added functionality:

  • Manage images on a document level, not just on a template level
  • Images may contain invalid links, so they can link to a PDF file
  • Fixed document creation time using {$timestamp}
  • Different access rights for editing templates and creating new documents
  • HTML documents may contain any file, not just images
  • Bulk PDF downloads will be stored in contact history
  • Document name, number of pages and page number can be added to a PDF document as personalization
  • Text version of an e-mail can be set at template level
  • Changing style blocks to inline styles can be set at template level
  • Faster e-mail sending
  • DKIM and SPF for better e-mail delivery
  • Select which e-mail error to export
  • Set publication window for content feed articles
  • ID number of content feed articles randomly generated
  • Check if a certain selection contains a specified ID number
  • UTF-8 is set as the default character set
  • Character set can be selected when exporting
  • Imports can be scheduled in advance
  • Dropdown menu with recently opened items
  • Selections can be archived
  • (Mini-) selections can be switched on and off
  • Selections based on place in database
  • Selections based on changes of a (sub-) profile
  • Numeric compare of database fields
  • Move subprofile to a different profile
  • Use subprofile information in personalization
  • Create your own personalization variables

A complete overview of all release notes is available as RSS feed.

Already want to switch?
It is possible for Copernica users to also switch to the new beta version. They can use all the new features and don't have to wait a month for the final release. If you want to switch you can contact our support team. Please note, a beta version can contain problems and errors which can cause the software to not  function properly. In the final version these issues will be resolved.