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Publisher interface improvements

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Publisher improvements
Copernica's R&D team’s main focus is the Marketing Suite and all systems supporting it. However, during the last few weeks, we've put some attention to the "old" Publisher interface, which is still being used a lot. Based on much appreciated feedback of advanced users we’ve addressed some of our features and improved them. The following bullets were changed/added.

  • A/B-tests were implemented as an extension to the more sophisticated split-run mailings.
  • The Publisher provides better insights in the results of the test groups of a split-run mailing. -The diagram is replaced with a table and a link to the full statistics like the ones of the final group or a single mailing.
  • Better support for Retina images. When creating an image block in the source code of a template, you can add the parameter noresizue='true', which prevents the image block from resizing the image after it is uploaded.
  • The menu that allows you to create a new database now has a checkbox that, once checked, loads the default database management selection structure (with an email field) into that database.
  • The 'extend hyperlinks' menu now opens in the Google Analytics tab.
  • Read-only and write-only REST API credentials are now available when you give an application access to an account. This can be useful when a third-party needs to be able to add data into your Copernica account, but may not extract existing data.
  • Improved follow-up manager
  • Other small visual improvements.

Your feedback is much appreciated and together we continue to build more and more Publisher improvements. Please feel free to contact Jonas Lodewegen.