Richard Hordijk

Starting today all Copernica users' emails are sent with MailerQ

Written by Richard Hordijk on

Starting today Copernica users send their e-mails with MailerQ, a mail transfer agent (MTA) specially developed by the Copernica team. We've created this MTA with a single purpose: to deliver emails. Our specialized MTA can send emails out faster than any other MTA on the market and will ensure an even higher deliverability.

This is all done automatically, our users do not have to do anything.

What is an MTA?

An mail transfer agent or MTA is the software on which a mail server runs. It is an important part of the infrastructure of sending emails and therefore of the Copernica software. The MTA controls the core tasks that come with delivering email, such as queuing, throttling, scheduling and tracking delivery.

The benefits of MailerQ

Where other MTAs often regulate and store incoming emails, MailerQ solely focuses on sending messages. This makes the speed at which MailerQ's can send messages virtually limitless, only the speed at which the receiving end can process messages limits its send speed.

With MailerQ Copernica users will see their emails delivered even faster than before. Our MTA also provides increased deliverability through email-throttling. This technique controls the speed at which messages are delivered to different domains, to different IP addresses or from different IP addresses. By spreading the load and delivery MailerQ makes sure that ISPs that do not like high delivery rates, such as Hotmail and Yahoo, will not block your messages.