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The Copernica partner model: Copernica Whiteboard

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Please find the video transcription below:

Hi and welcome to this brand new edition of Copernica’s whiteboard session. Today we will be talking about the Copernica Partner Model.

Copernica Marketing Software is used by both end-users and partners. Partners can resell Copernica towards their network. Either under a whitelabel or under the Copernica brand. And a partner can provide value added services. But in creating accounts, a partner can also grant full access to the software for their customers.

Focussing on the development of generic marketing software, Copernica does not offer services like consultancy, template development, creating synchronizations to CRM systems or other services.

Partners however do provide these services. That is why partners are so important for the Copernica eco-system. If an end-user has a demand for specific services, like training, consultancy or full service campaign management, an end-user can search in the Copernica partner program which is viewable from and the software. And in this partner program, a reseller can advertise itself based on a profile, on cases, on expertises and on reviews provided by end-users.

If an end-user selects a specific partner, the partner instantly receives a kickback fee on all turnover of this specific customer of 10%. This is of course besides all the income and turnover you generate with all these value added services you provide. 

As a partner you are not alone. Copernica supports you with all kinds of intelligence, content and other support. The services Copernica provides to you as a partner include the license, the partner program, the partner support and marketing.

Focussing on the first, the license. Copernica is a software as a service (SaaS). You as a partner can add your own accounts. Copernica charges you a reduced fee of a maximum of 50% of our end-users fee, allowing you to create your own pricing model. Including a margin or if you choose to do so, without a margin with income from value added services. Besides that, you can use the software for your own marketing campaigns of course.

Included in the partner license is the partner program. The advertisement towards the network of end-users. In this partner program you can add your profile, your expertise, cases and customers can review the services that you have provided. This will become more and more important on the website.

Copernica gives you all the support you need to be successful in the reselling of Copernica. We provide you training both on product and on the commercial level. We provide you with sales support. Meaning, you will have your personal partner manager who will share with you the best practices, cases and help you in the commercial paths you will follow with your prospects. And support is included in the license fee.

Last but certainly not least, Copernica helps you to succesfully market the product. Either under a whitelabel or under the Copernica brand. Well Copernica publishes a lot of content such as articles, cases, best practices, whitepapers. You as a partner are able to use this content in your own marketing. Of course we would appreciate it if you would link it back to the source ( but you can use this content to show your specialization. Together we also can organize seminars where you can personally give more information on the services you provide. And you can participate in events that Copernica attends. Like business fairs where you can get your own desk on the Copernica stand where you can market your own products and services under the Copernica flag. Finally, included in the software is the online demo tool allowing you to give live demonstrations to prospects from the software.

So besides the software, Copernica offers a full range of services enabling you to succesfully market the powerful solution Copernica Marketing Software has to offer. Because being partners, your success is our succes!