Thijs van Diessen

The new follow up manager

Written by Thijs van Diessen on

Over the past few months we have been working on a new user-friendly follow up manager. With this flowchart editor, we empower you to easily define powerful actions within the Marketing suite template editor, when someone clicks on a link. With these actions, you can easily automate mailings and enrich your profiles. To open the follow up manager, select a link or other clickable item such as a button, than you'll find the follow up manager in the Follow up tab.

Endless possibilities

With the follow up manager, we make it easier for marketers to send personalized emails at the right moment. We have a couple of predefined boxes that you can easily connect to create powerful follow up actions. You can also expand the functionality of the follow ups with javascript. Additionally you can use all the objects you already know from data script. Furthermore, you can optimally use your database with the follow up manager. This can be done by, a loyalty campaign, based on total expenses. Additionally, you can easily apply lead scoring by giving points to links. There are endless possibilities with this tool.