The power of partners

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More and more resellers, like advertising agencies and communication bureaus, choose Copernica Marketing Software. This is all due to the increased demand of their clients for online marketing tools, smart e-mail marketing solutions and the way Copernica BV interprets this demand.

To facilitate the growing number of resellers with their increased thirst for knowledge, I will be serving as the new reseller account manager. This group has always been very important to Copernica BV. They offer the creative ideas, while we offer the technical solution. That's why we prefer to call them partners in stead of clients. This relation will be intensified by the new Copernica partner program. Partly because of the contact I have with resellers lately, this network is beginning to take shape.

My new role offers great opportunities. I can inspire resellers to explore new possibilities, and at the same time supply them with supporting material and example cases. Most of all I can assist in translating the initial plans to an automated campaign using Copernica Marketing Software. The creative ideas advertising agencies come up with, inspire me and keep my knowledge of Copernica possibilities up-to-date.

This interaction combined with being fulltime available as account manager for resellers, results in a faster way to create new, surprising and successful campaigns.

The shift towards result driven marketing campaigns is an ongoing process. The current economical climate only adds to this movement. It's very important to be able to measure results and justify your campaigns. Conversion is the keyword, branding comes in second place. This results in an increased demand of ways how to increase conversion.

It is hard to keep up with the latest marketing trends, because they're always changing. This can be caused by advances in technology which make new features possible, or changing laws about privacy and ways of communication.

In the coming months, resellers already working with Copernica can expect more information and personal contact. Want to know more right now? Feel free to contact me by phone at +31-23-7510500 or by e-mail.

Jimmy Snijders