Select your audience wisely, target them precisely

The first time you send an email can be a nerve-racking moment. Will it all go well? Is your email going to reach the right people? With Copernica Marketing Software however, these are things you won’t have to worry about anymore. Copernica’s software allows you to easily send a newsletter or targeted email to one or multiple contacts.

Send your emails to a selection or your entire database

Firstly you need to determine who you are sending your email to. Is your message targeted to just a small selection, or to your entire database?

Within Copernica you can easily apply segmentation with the help of selections. Split your send list into smaller and more relevant target audiences to get a higher response rate from your email campaigns.

Send now or later?

Decide if you want to send an email straight away or at a later time. This function helps you to easily plan a complete email campaign. Send a birthday email on a certain day for instance, or a weekly newsletter with the latest updates. You decide the time that it is sent and the recipients you want the newsletter to go to. Copernica will take care of the rest. Did you know that with Copernica, you can also send email campaigns automatically?

Excellent deliverability rates with Copernica

You wouldn’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in composing an email, just to find out later that it didn’t even arrive in your contacts inbox. That’s why Copernica checks your email before it’s sent out to ensure it’ll pass through spam filters. Copernica checks to make sure:

  • Your email has an opt-out function.

  • Your email has a low spam score.

  • You are not on a blacklist.

  • Your HTML source code is correct.

  • Your authentication data (SPF, SenderID, & DKIM) is set up correctly.

All of these methods will help make sure your email reaches its destination.

Want to be 100% sure? Ask for a Return Path Sender certificate. This’ll put you on the world’s largest whitelist and improve your delivery rate to over 1.8 billion inboxes worldwide.

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