Powerful software for professional email

Copernica is the most powerful, flexible and configurable marketing suite you can find, built for marketers and merchants.

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Powerful and easy

With Copernica's easy drag-and-drop editor and powerful tracking and data-enrichment systems you easily create personalized emails targeted for your audience.

Fully configurable

Copernica stands out as an overwhelmingly flexible toolkit. Whether you need a simple tool for your newsletters or a fully integrated solution, Copernica fits your needs.

Profiles enrichment

All data collected by Copernica is stored. Forever. And you can use it to segment you database and to continuosly improve your communication.

Real-time reports

Copernica provides real-time reports for every email you send. Our email reports also give you insight in everything you want to know about your customers.


Engage your audience with responsive emails

With our powerful drag-and-drop editor you easily create personalized campaigns with custom text, links, images, attatchments or content from external resources. All messages are responsive and optimized for the device of the receiver.

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Test before you send

See which email performs best

Copernica offers a wide variety of tests and checks to run on your mailings. You can send different versions of your email and see which one performs best. Find out what the most effective subject line is, or whether send time affects open rates of your email. You can test as many versions as you need. Decide the size of the test groups yourself and Copernica Marketing Software runs the tests for you. The most successful version is then automatically sent to the rest of the selection.

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Enrich profiles in a database

Manage contacts in one place

Securely store data about your contacts in Copernica Marketing Software. Add custom fields and use them to segment your database to create tailor-made emails for every member of your audience. Import CSV or TXT files or sync your app with external data systems using premade integrations or our REST API.

Want to improve your marketing campaigns? Stop sending emails to everybody and start sending targeted emails. Segment your database by gender, age, interests, location and any other criteria you can think of.

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View and analyse reports

Real time email reports

Want to see the results of your last email? Copernica Marketing Software provides real-time reports for each email you send so you can see who opened it, which links they clicked, and much more.

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Opens Opens
Clicks Clicks
Bounces Bounces
Complaints Complaints
Unsubscribes Unsubscribes

Technical features

DKIM signing

Sign your outgoing email messages with DKIM keys to improve your deliverability.

Flexible input

Send HTML or MIME-formatted emails using REST API.

Email throttling

Automatic email throttling according to the speed of the receiving mail server.

Bounce management

Choose how you want to be notified of undeliverable emails.

Inline CSS

Automatically inline your email's CSS for best results across populair email clients.


Connect your database to Copernica using SOAP or REST API.

Click Tracking

Automatically measure who clicked on which link without any hassle.

DMARC validation

Easily setup and manage DMARC records from the Copernica dashboard.

Feedback loops

Recive realtime data from Copernica and link it to your own system.

follow-up actions

Make automatic responses based on clicks or submitted webforms.

Multidimensional database

Personalize email, based on information in different databases.

Dynamic content

Personalise content and set conditional content blocks.

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Pre-built integrations available

Centralize your data manage your contacts

Copernica's powerful segmentation tools offer you the freedom to organize your database exactly the way you want to.

Unlimited databases

Our multidimensional database structure allows you to organise and structure your data perfectly, no matter how much of it you have.

Segment your database

A good email marketer makes sure their recipients only receive mail they care about. Segment your database by gender, age, interests or anything else you can think of.

Unlimited databases
Store everything about your contact
Targeted emails

Store everything

Store all loggable information, like reading and clicking behaviour of a contact, to be able to segment your database on an even deeper level..

A well structured database plays a big role in the success of a campaign

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