Copernica Marketing Software is the solution for creating, sending and analyzing your email marketing campaigns. Do you want to send out a bulk newsletter? Or send a personal offer to just that single recipient? Either way, in Copernica you can create your own professional emails in just a few simple steps.

Create your own templates

Drag & drop editor

Are you the creative type? Let your creativity roam free with our intuitive email template creator. Easily add and customize content such as text, hyperlinks and images. Communicate with your audience on a one-to-one level by personalising emails with their names or based on their interests.

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Testing before sending

Test before you send

See which email performs best

Copernica offers a wide variety of tests and checks to run on your mailings. You can send different versions of your email and see which one performs best. Find out what the most effective subject line is, or whether send time affects open rates of your email. You can test as many versions as you need. Decide the size of the test groups yourself and Copernica Marketing Software runs the tests for you. The most successful version is then automatically sent to the rest of the selection.

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Enrich profiles in a database

Enrich profiles in a database

Manage contacts in one place

Securely store data about your contacts in Copernica Marketing Software. Add custom fields and use them to segment your database to create tailor-made emails for every member of your audience. Import CSV or TXT files or sync your app with external data systems using premade integrations or our REST API.

Want to improve your marketing campaigns? Stop sending emails to everybody and start sending targeted emails. Segment your database by gender, age, interests, location and any other criteria you can think of.

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Real time email reports

View and analyse reports

Real time email reports

Want to see the results of your last email? Copernica Marketing Software provides real-time reports for each email you send so you can see who opened it, which links they clicked, and much more.

Our email reports also give you insight in the number of bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints. Use this to gain feedback and improve your mailings accordingly.

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Integrate data with other systems

Synchronize data from your CRM, CMS or ecommerce platform with the available integrations. Automatically store data in Copernica Marketing Software, to use in real-time for your campaigns. Furthermore, our powerful APIs allow developers to make custom integrations.

Would you like to integrate Copernica Marketing Software with your CMS, ecommerce platform or CRM software? We offer various generic integrations, developed by our Copernica partners.

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