Magento email marketing integration

By our partner Bookerz


By linking your Magento webshop to Copernica Marketing Software, you will be able to create professional email campaigns and automate email marketing throughout the customer journey. The integration automatically synchronizes all relevant data from your webshop to Copernica, including customer data, products viewed in the shop, shopping basket data, orders and newsletter subscriptions.

Bookerz ensures that data from Magento automatically ends up in Copernica. Bookerz has developed a smart integration that checks, duplicates and forwards data. This is a powerfull method you can use to send the most relevant message to your customers at the right time.

For more information you can visit the website from our partner Bookerz.

How does the Magento integration from Bookerz work?

The Bookerz integration ensures that Copernica knows what your customers and prospects do in your webshop(s). Think, for example, of leaving a filled shopping basket, making an order, registering for a newsletter or changing an address. However, data is not simply transferred from Magento to Copernica. This is done in three careful steps.

Retreiving data from Magento

The integration automatically retrieves data from Magento. The frequency depends on the speed of your Magento environment. If your web shop is slow, we collect data less often. This is how we prevent the integration from hindering your webshop. On average, data is retrieved every 1 to 3 minutes.

Checking and deduplicate data

Then we check whether the retrieved data is logical. If something goes wrong, our helpdesk will receive an error message. For example, when an order refers to a product that is no longer in your webshop. In addition, the data is carefully deduplicated. In this way we prevent customers or prospects from unintentionally appearing several times in Copernica. Because each client has only one profile, you get a clear picture of his or her behavior. This helps you to make reliable selections. Your customers also benefit from this. For example, they do not have to sign out for a newsletter several times.

Transfer data to Copernica

Finally, we send the checked and duplicated data to Copernica. The integration can handle large amounts of data. For example, we have clients where sometimes 50000 orders per hour are processed. This is possible because we have come up with a smart way to efficiently process large amounts of data. Simply put, the link consists of several robots that assist where necessary and stop when Copernica can no longer process the amount of data. This way, the most optimal amount of data is always sent.

Supported versions

The coupling is suitable for the following versions of Magento:

  • Community Edition 1.6 and higher (released in 2011)
  • Enterprise Edition 1.11 and higher (released in 2011)

About this integration:

This integration is developed by our partner Bookerz . Contact this partner directly for more information about the integration and pricing. Copernica is not responsible for the proper working of this integration.

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