Copernica Marketing Software

For only 200 per month you have full access to the software

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Fixed monthly fee

Copernica operates with a fixed and variable monthly fee. Fixed costs depend on the number of accounts you create and the number of users that can access the software. When getting started with Copernica one account and one user are included to give you access to the following applications and services:

  • The new, user-friendly Copernica Marketing Suite
  • Copernica Publisher (Legacy application)
Online support
Product updates
Email templates
Marketing automation
Product screenshot

For 200 per month you get access to one account and one user.


Unlimited storage

There is no limit on the number of databases, selections or profiles you save. As long as the load on our systems is within reasonable limits, you can store as much data as you like.


Introduction Training

For new users there is a free introductory training. In this training you will be familiarized with the software and you will learn how to use it to its full potential. This training is also available for new colleagues.

Partner network

Partner Network

If desired, we can link you directly to a Copernica partner from our vast partner network, to help integrate Copernica in your organization.

Support tickets

Helpdesk and support

You can always call or email our helpdesk free of charge. There is a full support team available during office hours and we are available 24/7 for emergencies.

Accounts and Users

Copernica works with personal logins. There is one user included in the license. Each additional colleague working in Copernica will need their own login. The price per extra user begins at €50 per month and decreases as you add more users.

If you have multiple divisions, branches or subsidiaries it may be convenient to purchase additional accounts. You can choose to give users access to multiple accounts.

One account is included Included
All next extra accounts € 150 per extra account
One user is included Included
First 5 extra users € 50 per extra user
Following 5 extra users € 20 per extra user
All following extra users € 10 per user

Email bundles

You can buy new email credits on a monthly basis for at least 12 months after which a prolongation will follow with a cancellation term of 1 month.

The advantages of an email bundle: Email bundles allow you to send large volumes of emails for a competitive price. If you send more than 20,000 emails per month a bundle will be more beneficial than paying for separate emails.

Additionally, you will keep the same price for every email sent outside the bundle if you ever need more.

Emails per month Price per email Monthly price
50.000 0.006000 300
100.000 0.004000 400
200.000 0.002500 500
300.000 0.002000 600
500.000 0.001500 750
1.000.000 0.001000 1000
2.000.000 0.000600 1200
5.000.000 0.000320 1600
10.000.000 0.000200 2000
20.000.000 0.000145 2900
30.000.000 0.000120 3600
40.000.000 0.000103 4100
50.000.000 0.000090 4500

Variable costs for sent messages

For relatively small senders you only pay for what you send. We have variable rates for emails depending on the volume of email, which can be paid in advance or at the end of each month.

Sending more than 20,000 emails each month? Have a look at our bundles to cut down on costs.

Variable costs for number of emails sent Price per email sent
First 5.000 emails € 0.020 / email
Between 5.000 and 25.000 emails € 0.015 / email
Between 25.000 and 100.000 emails € 0.010 / email
All next sent email € 0.002 / email

Calculate your monthly variable costs

Enter your estimated amount of emails that you are planning to send each month and your variable costs will immediately appear.

API call bundles

You can buy new calls on a monthly basis for at least 12 months after which a prolongation will follow with a cancellation term of 1 month.

Each extra call outside your bundle will be charged at the same rate as calls inside your bundle.

API calls per month Price per call Monthly price
250.000 0.0001600 40
500.000 0.0001200 60
750.000 0.0001067 80
1.000.000 0.0001000 100
1.500.000 0.0000933 140
2.000.000 0.0000825 165
3.000.000 0.0000733 220
4.000.000 0.0000625 250
8.000.000 0.0000500 400
15.000.000 0.0000400 600

Variable costs for API calls

API calls, like emails, can be charged both afterwards and in advance. If you choose to pay at the end of each month you will be charged for the amount of API calls registered that month. If you already know in advance that you will make more than 70000 API calls per month, you can cut down on costs by purchasing an API call bundle.

The number of API calls is calculated based on the number of calls made to and from:

Variable costs for API calls Price per call
First 5000 API calls Free
Between 5.000 and 10.000 API Calls € 0.0050 / call
Between 10.000 and 20.000 API calls € 0.0010 / call
All next API calls € 0.0001 / call

Other variable costs

Copernica also offers the possibility to send SMS and fax messages. You can find the price for these types of messages in the table on the right.

With Publisher you can create webpages and surveys. Since they are hosted by Copernica's servers a hosting fee per page is applicable.

Copernica offers Litmus tests to view your emails in different email programs so you can ensure that it looks exactly right for each recipient. Copernica also offers 250ok checks, also called inbox placement tests, to keep track of your deliverability. The costs for Litmus and 250ok checks are passed on to you.

Variable costs Pricing
Price per SMS € 0.10
Price per fax € 0.10
Dedicated IP address € 10 per dedicated IP / month
Webpage hosting, first 5 webpages € 2 per webpage
Webpage hosting, all next webpages € 1 per webpage
A Litmus preview of your email in most popular clients & devices € 5
A 250ok test € 15
All prices are excluding vat.