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SOAP API method Account_stats


By asking this method, you can see how much e-mails, faxes and sms-messages were send by this account.


Name Type Description
year * int Year number (2006, etc)
month int Month number (1=january)
login Structure of type 'login' Optional login data (soon deprecated)
access_token string Optional api access token
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
environmentstatistics Structure of type 'environmentstatistics'

Structure 'login'

Name Type Description
username string The username of the login attempt
account string The account name of the login attempt
password string The password for the login attempt

Structure 'environmentstatistics'

Name Type Description
year int The year of the stats.
month int The month of the stats.
sentemail int The number of sent emails.
sentsms int The number of sent sms messages.
sentfax int The number of sent fax messages.
webpages int The number of web pages displayed in this month
apicalls int The number of soap API calls
litmustest int The number of litmus tests