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SOAP API method Account_user


The account can be used by several users. Each user can have different rights for different modules. This method returns a specific user based on his identifier. It is advised to use only numeric ID's for the identifier. In previous versions it was also possible to identify a user by its name, but the name is no longer unique. For reasons of backwards compatibility, this method will do its best to find an appropriate user when you call it with a user name, but it might not have the right result.


Name Type Description
identifier * string
password string The password of the desired user. If not supplied it wont be checked and the user object is always returned
login Structure of type 'login' Optional login data (soon deprecated)
access_token string Optional api access token
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
user Structure of type 'user'

Structure 'login'

Name Type Description
username string The username of the login attempt
account string The account name of the login attempt
password string The password for the login attempt

Structure 'user'

Name Type Description
id int The ID of the user.
created timestamp The timestamp when the user is created.
end timestamp The timestamp when the user is ended.
gender string The gender of the user.
name string The name of the user.
description string The description of the user.
email string The email address of the user.
phone string The phone number of the user.
sms string The sms number of the user.
fax string The fax number of the user.
applicationadmin boolean Returns if the user is application admin.
accountadmin boolean Returns if the user is account admin.
styleadmin boolean Returns if the user is style admin.
dummy boolean Returns if the user is a dummy user.
apiaccess boolean Returns if the user has access to the API.
uiacess boolean Returns if the user has access to the user interface.
disabled boolean Is this user disabled?.
active boolean Is this user active?
receivenews boolean Will this user receive the news?.
language string The prefered language of the user.
timezone string Get the timezone for the user. If no timezone is set an empty string is returned.
unsecure boolean Is this an insecure user?.