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SOAP API method Collection_createField


This method will create a new field into the collection. The name of the collectionfield is mandatory, you can also give the type, the defaultvalue, the specialcontent, if the field has to be displayed and if ordered by this field.


Name Type Description
id * int Unique identifier (id) of the object Collection. The method only applies to the collection with this id.
name * string Name of the new field
type string Type of field
value string Default value
display boolean Is the field displayed in overview pages?
ordered boolean Is the field ordered in the overview
length integer Field length
textlines integer Number of text lines
hidden boolean Is this field hidden
index boolean is this field indexed
login Structure of type 'login' Optional login data (soon deprecated)
access_token string Optional api access token
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
collectionfield Structure of type 'collectionfield'

Structure 'login'

Name Type Description
username string The username of the login attempt
account string The account name of the login attempt
password string The password for the login attempt

Structure 'collectionfield'

Name Type Description
id int The ID of the collectionfield.
name string The name of the collectionfield.
weight int The weight of the collectionfield.
displayed boolean Is this collectionfield displayed?.
indatatable boolean Is this field added to the data table?
type string The type of this collectionfield.
value string The default value of this collectionfield.
specialcontent string The special content of this collectionfield.
big boolean Is this field a big field?
pixelwidth int The width of this collectionfield.
ordered boolean Is this collectionfield ordered by default?.
length integer Get the length of the collection field
lines integer Get the number of lines of the collection field
hidden boolean Is this a hidden field?
index boolean Is this field indexed?