SOAP API method EmailingTemplate_source

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If you supply a linkprovider object, this method will return the source code that is optimized for displaying, the image names are replaced with actual hyperlinks, and the stylesheet is applied. If no linkprovider is provided, the source is returned as-is.

Parameter 'id' : int
Unique identifier (id) of the object EmailingTemplate. The method only applies to the emailingtemplate with this id.
Parameter 'links' : string
How should links be handled? Show normal file names (links=names) (this is default), show links to the picserver (links=urls) or show the unique identifiers of each option (links=ids), or return the raw source without any optimization (links=raw)
Parameter 'login' : Structure of type 'login'
Optional login data

Return values
Return value 'value' : string

Structure 'login'
This structure login was mentioned above. This structure has the following properties:
Property 'username' : string
The username of the login attempt
Property 'account' : string
The account name of the login attempt
Property 'password' : string
The password for the login attempt