SOAP API method Export_data

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This method returns one big string containing all the data of the file, excluding the header. Note that the BOM, compressed and charset properties are not yet applied, this method returns the UTF8-encoded data. For XML data this can be a little confusing, as the returned string is in UTF-8 format, while the XML header contains the charset that is set in this object.

Parameter 'id' : int
Unique identifier (id) of the object Export. The method only applies to the export with this id.
Parameter 'type' : string
What data is requested: 'full', 'without header'
Parameter 'login' : Structure of type 'login'
Optional login data

Return values
Return value 'value' : string

Structure 'login'
This structure login was mentioned above. This structure has the following properties:
Property 'username' : string
The username of the login attempt
Property 'account' : string
The account name of the login attempt
Property 'password' : string
The password for the login attempt