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SOAP API method Export_retrieve


Name Type Description
id * string The identifier (id) of the object that is retrieved
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
export Structure of type 'export' All properties of the retrieved export

Structure 'export'

Name Type Description
name string The name of the export.
description string The description of the export.
delimiter string The delimiter of the export.
extension string The extension of the exported file
charset string The character set of the output file
bom boolean Is a Byte-Order-Mark (BOM) stored in the first couple of bytes of the
createdtime timestamp The time when the export was created.
readytime timestamp The time when the export was ready.
status string The status of the export.
totallines int The total number of lines that are in the exported file.
availablelines int The number of lines that are now available.
size int The size in bytes of the export.
humansize string The size in a human readable format.
target string The target type of the export.
filename string The export filename.
compressed boolean Is the export compressed.
dateformat string What dateformat should the export use.
filter string Filter for exporting only specific profiles.
usequotes boolean Use quotes around the values.
schedule string iCalender schedule string that controls when the event runs. If this property is set, the interval and iterations settings can be ignored.
nextstarttime timestamp The next time when this scheduled event will run.
schedulediterations int The number of iterations that are still remaining.
processediterations int The number of iterations that were already processed.
previousstarttime string The starttime of the most recent iteration.
prevstarttime timestamp The starttime of the most recent iteration.
processmissediterations boolean Will the missed iterations be processed anyway?.
id int The ID of the scheduledevent.