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SOAP API method PdfDocumentPdfBlock_retrieve


Name Type Description
id * string The identifier (id) of the object that is retrieved
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
pdfdocumentpdfblock Structure of type 'pdfdocumentpdfblock' All properties of the retrieved pdfdocumentpdfblock

Structure 'pdfdocumentpdfblock'

Name Type Description
id string The ID of the documentblock.
name string The name of the block.
description string The description of the block.
showborder boolean Should the border of the block be showed?.
rotate DataSourceInt The rotation of the block.
orientate DataSourceString The orientation of the content.
position DataSourcePdfPosition The position of the block.
boxsize DataSourcePdfBoxSize The box size of the block.
refpoint DataSourcePdfRefPoint The ref point of the block.
backgroundcolor DataSourcePdfColor The backgound color of the block.
bordercolor DataSourcePdfColor The border color of the block.
linewidth DataSourceString The linewidth of the block.
status DataSourceString The status of the block.
fitmethod DataSourceString The fitmethod of the block.
condition string Get the javascript condition used to determine if the block is shown in the document