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SOAP API method PdfTemplateTextBlock_retrieve


Name Type Description
id * string The identifier (id) of the object that is retrieved
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
pdftemplatetextblock Structure of type 'pdftemplatetextblock' All properties of the retrieved pdftemplatetextblock

Structure 'pdftemplatetextblock'

Name Type Description
textflow DataSourceBoolean The textflow of this textblock.
alignchar DataSourceString The aligncharacter of this textblock.
overline DataSourceBoolean The overline for this textblock.
escapesequence DataSourceBoolean The escapesequence of this textblock.
monospace DataSourceFloat The monospace for this textblock.
margin DataSourceFloat The margin for this textblock.
textrise DataSourceFloat The textrise for this textblock.
textrendering DataSourceFloat The textrendering for this textblock.
horizscaling DataSourceInt The horizontal scaling for this textblock.
strokecolor DataSourcePdfColor The strokecolor for this textblock.
fontsize DataSourceFloat The font size of the textblock.
fontname DataSourceString The font name for the textblock.
charspacing DataSourceInt The charspacing for this textblock.
fillcolor DataSourcePdfColor The fillcolor for this textblock.
fontstyle DataSourceString The font style for the textblock.
defaulttext DataSourceString The default text of this textblock.
italicangle DataSourceInt The italicagle for this textblock.
kerning DataSourceBoolean The kerning for this textblock.
strikeout DataSourceBoolean The strikeout for this textblock.
underline DataSourceBoolean The underline for this textblock.
underlinewidth DataSourceInt The underline width for this textblock.
underlineposition DataSourceInt The underlineposition of this textblock.
wordspacing DataSourceInt The wordspacing for this textblock.
encoding DataSourceString The encoding of this textblock.
alignment DataSourceString The alignment of the textblock.
verticalalign DataSourceString The vertical aligment of the textblock.
fixedleading DataSourceBoolean The fixedleading of the textblock.
hortabsize DataSourceFloat The horizontal tabsize of the textblock.
hortabmethod DataSourceString The horizontal tab method of the textblock.
lastalignment DataSourceString The last alignment of the textblock.
leading DataSourceInt The leading of the textblock.
parindent DataSourceInt The parindent of the textblock.
rightindent DataSourceInt The rightindent of the textblock.
leftindent DataSourceInt The leftindent of the textblock.
adjustmethod DataSourceString The adjust method of the textblock.
maxspacing DataSourceInt The maxspacing of the textblock.
minsspacing DataSourceInt The minspacing of the textblock.
spreadlimit DataSourceInt The spreadlimit of the textblock.
nofitlimit DataSourceInt The nofitlimit of the textblock.
shrinklimit DataSourceInt The shrinklimit of the textblock.
linespreadlimit DataSourceInt The linespreadlimit of the textblock.
maxlines DataSourceInt The maxlines of the textblock.
firstlinedist DataSourceString The firstlinedist of the textblock.
laslinedist DataSourceString The lastlinedist of the textblock.
tabalingmentchar DataSourceFloat The tab alignment character of the textblock.
charref string The charref status of the textblock
status DataSourceString The status of the block.
fitmethod DataSourceString The fitMethod of the block
orientate DataSourceString The orientation of the content of the block.
rotate DataSourceFloat The rotation of the block.
name string The name of the block.
description string The description of the block.
showborder DataSourceBoolean Is the border shown?.
position DataSourcePdfPosition The position of the block.
boxsize DataSourcePdfBoxSize The boxsize of the block.
refpoint DataSourcePdfRefPoint The refpoint of the block.
bordercolor DataSourcePdfColor The bordercolor of the block.
backgroundcolor DataSourcePdfColor The backgroundcolor of the block.
linewidth DataSourceFloat The linewidth of the block.
id string The ID of the template block.