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SOAP API method ProfileDir_directory


A single directory. The supplied parameter can be either a name, an ID or a directory object. The return value is a PxPomProfileDir object is the subdirectory exists, or false if it does not


Name Type Description
id * int Unique identifier (id) of the object ProfileDir. The method only applies to the profiledir with this id.
name * string
login Structure of type 'login' Optional login data (soon deprecated)
access_token string Optional api access token
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
profiledir Structure of type 'profiledir'

Structure 'login'

Name Type Description
username string The username of the login attempt
account string The account name of the login attempt
password string The password for the login attempt

Structure 'profiledir'

Name Type Description
id int The ID of the directory.
name string The name of the directory.