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SOAP API method SubProfile_updateFields


The fields can be updated by given a assoc array of field and values.


Name Type Description
id * int Unique identifier (id) of the object SubProfile. The method only applies to the subprofile with this id.
timestamp string The timestamp for the historic subprofile
fields * Collection of type 'fields'
caller Structure of type 'caller' the caller object (or null if called by old code)
login Structure of type 'login' Optional login data (soon deprecated)
access_token string Optional api access token
* required parameters

Return values

Name Type Description
value boolean true on success else false (when constrains check fails)

Structure 'pair'

Name Type Description
key string
value string

Structure 'fields'

Name Type Description
pair Structure of type 'pair'

Structure 'caller'

Name Type Description
followups boolean Are the follow-ups enabled
caller string The name of the caller
identity string The identity of the caller, this is the name that is accepted by the webcaller

Structure 'login'

Name Type Description
username string The username of the login attempt
account string The account name of the login attempt
password string The password for the login attempt