Copernica Enterprise Service

Enterprise level support and consultancy by Copernica developers.

Introducing the Copernica Enterprise Service

The Copernica Enterprise Service offers tailored support to suit organizations with specific needs and requirements. An Enterprise Service License is valid for all of Copernica's products and gives organizations access to our senior developers and management.

Benefits of the Copernica Enteprise Service

In addition to the general benefits of using products of Copernica, the Copernica Enterprise Service provides a number of mission-critical benefits. Below you will find a few examples of what the Service offers.

Tailored support options

Receive additional support tailored towards the needs of your organization. From automated alerts and monitoring to optimizing delivery settings.

Early access to new features

Copernica is always working to improve and extend the functionalities of its products. As an enterprise client you can test and give your feedback on new innovative features.

Proactive alerts

The Copernica team actively checks your configuration and will let you know if there is anything you can do to improve the settings in your application or account.

Technical account manager

The Enterprise Service will give you access to a personally assigned developer with specialized knowledge of our products.

Consultancy and training

Enterprise users also receive free training in all of Copernica's products and can request consultancy on product-related challenges.

Feature requests

Let us know if you miss any business-critical features. As an Enterprise Customer you have priority on feature requests.

Copernica's finest at your service

The Copernica Enterprise Service gives you full access to the expertise of the minds behind our products. Receive consultancy from management and senior developers.


The Copernica Enterprise License is available as an annual license. If you have any questions feel free to contact us .

Annual price: € 6.000


Send an email to or call +31 20 520 61 90