Create custom templates

You can easily create your own tailored email templates in Copernica Marketing Software. These templates will be the basis for all emails you create in Copernica Marketing Software. With our WYSIWYG editor you'll be able to create your own email templates in a few easy steps. Of course, you can also create a template using your own tools and import it into Copernica with just one click.

Easy designing with the template editor

With Copernica’s template editor you can easily design your own templates or edit existing documents. As soon as you’re done designing the HTML, add one or more content blocks to your email. These are blocks in which you can include an image, a content feed or external HTML.

Are you HTML savvy and able to create your own templates? With Copernica’s editor you can also easily edit the HTML source of your newsletter.

Use your own email templates

The import function in Copernica enables you to upload existing templates, including images. With one click you can upload documents to Copernica and they will be ready to use instantly in emails. Images and files loaded into Copernica are stored centrally, giving you the option to reuse them at a later date.

Use image hosting for all your images

Do you want to add an additional image to your email? You can, without the need for extra coding. Upload your own images and save them in Copernica, so you can use them in all of your email campaigns. For example, if you want to use a logo in multiple emails. Easily edit an image after uploading it to Copernica. Use the editor to resize and reposition an image, or to add a certain style.

Adding your own style to your emails

Take your email designs to the next level! Copernica Marketing Software features various convenient tools that allow you to create your own CSS style sheets or XSLT style documents. Use these tools to add an extra dimension to your emails. CSS style sheets or XSLT style documents created outside Copernica can also easily be imported and linked to the content of your emails in Copernica Marketing Software.

Because email clients often aren’t able to handle CSS style sheets very well, Copernica offers a solution that converts them to inline CSS attributes. This way you can be certain that your emails will always show correctly in different email programs.

To be able to create style documents you will need some knowledge of HTML. Take a look around in our partner network to find one that can help you create your own email template!

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