Junior position

Including this view, here in Amsterdam

For whom?

Copernica is looking for people that are planning to start their career. Are you (Almost) finishing up your university degree? Copernica could be something for you.

What will you be doing?

Currently Copernica is growing quite fast. That is why we aren't just looking for developers. We are also looking for people that are in a way oriented on IT in relation to business and on people that enjoy working with large portions of data.

About us

We are a leading provider of high quality marketing software located in Amsterdam. Working for Copernica means that you are working in a highly professional and international environment. We offer a competitive salary and other benefits like lunch, pension, laptop and more.

Although we are best known for email marketing software, we have a broad portfolio of other products and libraries, some of which are open source on Github.

A small selection:

  • SMTPeter - A cloud-based SMTP service
  • MailerQ - A powerful Mail Transfer Agent
  • Yothalot - A Hadoop-like tool to run MapReduce algorithms on big data clusters
  • ResponsiveEmail - API that turns raw JSON into HTML suitable for email clients.
  • AMQP-CPP - C++ library for asynchronous non-blocking communication with RabbitMQ
  • PHP-CPP - Library to build PHP extensions with C++
  • PHP-JS - A library to integrate the Google V8 Javascript Engine in PHP
  • REACT CPP - C++ event loop library. Wrapper around libev that utilizes lambda's and callback functions to notify you when filedescriptors become active and/or timers expire.

And many more. Take a look at our Github. https://github.com/CopernicaMarketingSoftware

What do we offer?

At Copernica there is plenty room for your own initiative. We work in small teams in which responsibilities are shared clearly.

Are you ready for some clich├ęs? We provide a challenging yet supportive commercial learning environment. In our informal, yet highly inspiring company you are encouraged to bring and unfold your ideas. We have an amazing view and are conveniently located near Amsterdam central station, serve great Ethiopian coffee, have a awesome fun room with piano and pool table, serve a well catered lunch and have access to a good filled bar for those legendary friday afternoon drinks.

Sounds good?

Do you want to develop your software skills? Or do you want to develop yourself more towards business? In both cases Copernica could be something for you. Feel free to share your contact info and/or CV with Lisan Boerrigter at Lisan.Boerrigter@copernica.com There is always time for a cup of coffee.

Acquisition is not appreciated.