Back-end Developer

Copernica is looking for an experienced back-end developer

As a back-end developer at Copernica you are responsible for creating, maintaining and testing our software. Not only for our web applications, but also our databases, integrations, APIs and other back-end processes. We are looking for a developer that is experienced in working with large amounts of data and that is excited to work with our own MapReduce framework (Yothalot).

Relevant techniques

  • C++
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Websockets
  • Apache
  • RabbitMQ
  • Linux (Ubuntu)

Since our front-end is a single page application developed in JavaScript, knowledge of this, HTML and CSS are an advantage.

Required qualifications

  • Experience with PHP & OOP (minimum of five years)
  • Experience with implementing RFCs
  • Experience with writing, designing and testing code
  • Has experience and/or affinity with working with LAMP stack
  • Has completed a bachelor or master (preferably a technical one) or is self-taught with a portfolio of relevant experience
  • Is fluent in Dutch, English or both languages in both spoken and written form.

Why Copernica?

We offer a competitive salary and completely reimburse your travel expenses. Our workspaces are spacious and our office is very close to Amsterdam Central Station with a view of the IJ river. We have a very diverse range of products and operate in different markets, allowing you to develop yourself in several directions. Our team is young and diverse, our company trips legendary, our skylounge beautiful, and we have a well-stocked open bar.

We are also adapting to the special circumstances we live in currently. We offer you support to seamlessly work from home, flexible office hours and informal contact through Slack. We also have drinks online once a month.

Copernica's open source libraries

PHP-JS : A bridge between PHP and JavaScript. This library allows for executing JavaScript code right from PHP code and to share variables between them.

PHP-CPP : A well documented C++ library for developing PHP extensions. Extensions built on top of PHP-CPP are easy to understand and simple to maintain. No more deep knowledge of the Zend engine and pointer manipulation required.

AMQP-CPP : A C++ library for asynchronous non-blocking communication with RabbitMQ. The library can be used to parse incoming data from a RabbitMQ server and to generate frames that can be sent to a RabbitMQ server.

REACT-CPP : An event loop library that utilizes the C++ lambda functions to notify you when there is activity on a filedescriptor or on a timer. Internally. It is a wrapper around the libev library and does therefore also depend on that library.

And many more! Take a look at our Github page .

Are you as enthusiastic about this position as we are?

Does this all sound well and do you need a cup of coffee or tea? Send your CV and motivation to We would like to see you soon at our office in the center of Amsterdam.

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