Junior Front-end Developer

With this view, here in Amsterdam

Copernica is looking for a talented front-end developer who is at the start of his / her career. For this position, it is especially important that you master Javascript and that you have affinity / basic knowledge of PHP.

As a junior front-end developer you are part of a fast-growing team and you are surrounded by both, experienced colleagues, and other junior colleagues, all with a passion for technology. You work on various projects where you implement updates on one of our websites and create new functionalities for one of our Single Page applications. With PHP, you collect the data you need, and make it available via simple AJAX requests or via a WebSocket. Through your knowledge of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS, you are able to deliver structured and working code which you then document well.

Because we consider the quality of our code as highly important, we pay a lot of attention to the review process. This allows you to receive good feedback from your senior colleagues so that you are able to develop yourself quickly. In this function it is important that, in addition to writing excellent code, you are able to apply your skills properly in a commercial context. The code you provide must of course be as user-friendly as possible for the end users. Would you like to know more about how we write our code? Take a look at our open source projects on our Github page.

What are you going to do?

  • Maintaining and updating our websites
  • The development of new / existing functionalities of our products
  • Maintaining and updating our websites
  • Resolving customer reported bugs
  • Updating documentation.

Who are you?

The ideal candidate:

  • Has solid knowledge and / or experience in programming with Javascript
  • Has basic knowledge of PHP
  • Is able to write structured code that is easy to read and maintain
  • Has experience in working with Linux OS or is able to acquire it quickly
  • Has a completed Bachelor / Master, preferably in a technical direction
  • Has experience and / or affinity in working with Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Masters the Dutch and /or English language both spoken and written.

What do we have to offer?

We can give you a lot of challenges, projects and/or space to develop yourself. Furthermore, we have enough products, colleagues, data, users and financial resources for you to work with. To guide you in this, we can give you a mentor who can show you the way and is always open for questions.

Of course we offer you an excellent salary and we fully reimburse your travel expenses. We have spacious workplaces and one of the best views of Amsterdam. Furthermore we have legendary company trips and events and last but not least a magnificent and well-stocked sky bar.

  • Excellent salary, a fast laptop and a good pension scheme;
  • An international team of young professionals;
  • Great secondary employment conditions and fresh fruit;
  • Space and time to develop your own ideas and projects;
  • Full reimbursement of travel expenses;
  • An informal work atmosphere;
  • Spaciously facilitated workplace, with a beautiful view over the IJ.

Our office is a five minutes walk from Amsterdam CS. Although sometimes ruined by grotesque cruise ships, the view is generally good.

The IT company Copernica

We are a leading and very successful software company that deals with all aspects of email. We enable large organizations to send substantial amounts of email and automate communication flows. We do this with a number of successful products.

Copernica has a flat organizational structure, in which small teams are responsible for one or more products. These teams are independent and very innovative. We are a flexible organisation and work together a lot. In addition, there is enough space to develop yourself too.

Copernica is a mature organization. That gives a lot of security compared to for example a start-up. Yet Copernica never left that start-up culture and is still very flexible and informal. At the moment there are many opportunities within Copernica. We are always looking for talent that is looking for a challenge and wants to grow with and within this great organization.

Some of our open source libraries:

PHP-JS : an bridge between PHP and Javascript. To execute JavaScript right from PHP code and to share variables between JavaScript and PHP.

PHP-CPP : A well documented C++ library for developing PHP extensions. This C++ library makes building PHP extensions fun. Extensions built on top of PHP-CPP are easy to understand and simple to maintain. unlike regular PHP extensions - which are really hard to implement and require a deep knowledge of the Zend engine and pointer manipulation.

AMQP-CPP is a c++ library for asynchronous non-blocking communication with RabbitMQ. The library can be used to parse incoming data from a RabbitMQ server, and to generate frames that can be sent to a RabbitMQ server.

REACT-CPP : an event loop library that utilizes the C++ lambda functions to notify you when there is activity on a filedescriptor or on a timer. Internally, it is a wrapper around the libev library, and does therefore also depend on that library.

And many more open source libraries. Take a look at our Github page .

Are you as enthusiastic about this position as we are?

Does this all sound well and do you need a cup of coffee or tea? Send your CV and motivation to jobs@copernica.com. We would like to see you soon at our office in the center of Amsterdam.

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