Junior Developer

Copernica is looking for a junior developer

Copernica is looking for junior developers starting their career. In this position we will teach you how to write and maintain code, but also how to structure and document it well. By researching and solving bugs you will work on your insight and problem-solving skills. With our many websites and products there are many opportunities to specialize and learn different things. We also encourage you to take on your own responsibilities and grow.

Who is our ideal candidate?

  • Has knowledge about and experience with Linux (Ubuntu), JavaScript, PHP and/or C++
  • Has achieved a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in a technical direction
  • Is fluent in both English and Dutch in both written and spoken form.

However, above anything we are looking for a dedicated, resourceful and curious candidate. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t exactly fit our criteria; a sharp mind and willingness to learn are valued highly at Copernica.

We are known for:

Our Copernica Marketing Suite is a web application for marketers to create email templates with our drag-and-drop template editor and to sent and automate emails.

Copernica Publisher is our complete email marketing package. It has all the functionality to automate communication flows, via email and sms. We make it easy for marketers to automate mailings based on interactions and all kinds of personal preferences.

MailerQ a flexible and super fast MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). It runs multiple parallel threads to deliver email fast and uses RabbitMQ message queues and JSON making it easy to control a giant email flow.

SMTPeter is mainly an email service for developers. We have made it easy for everybody to send monstrous amounts of email. This simply via our REST or SMTP API. We sign every message with DKIM and catch all kinds of events. Opens, clicks, bounces and DMARC reports.

Apply today

Think you're the right match for us? Complete your application by sending us your CV and cover letter via jobs@copernica.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Employment agencies should not respond to this vacancy.