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We are looking for programmers with knowledge of PHP to strengthen our development teams. We are both looking for people with years of experience, and for programmers who are at the beginning of their career.

What do Copernica's PHP programmers do?

Copernica has been using PHP for years. Originally to build complete web applications, but now that it is more common to run code in browsers (javascript), we use PHP mainly as backend technology. PHP is used for the layer between the frontend (which runs in the browser) and storage platforms in the backend. PHP is also used for server side scripting and background tasks.

Our developers expect from each other that they work in a structured way, and have knowledge of OOP and the SOLID principles. Our code is clear, logically structured and, where necessary, extensively documented. Because the PHP code is part of bigger technology stack, we have clear API's to link our systems together. When we run into PHP limitations, for example with memory management or performance, PHP programmers work together with C++ developers to fix this. Our open source PHP-CPP library was developed for this purpose.

Full-stack- and multi-disciplinary teams

Needless to say, Copernica utilizes more than just PHP. We achieve business goals by working together in multi-disciplinary 'DevOps' teams that combine various interests, visions and specialisms. Since PHP takes up such a central position in our stack, it is for PHP programmers not uncommon to work in such teams together with other specialists to combine skills and technologies.

Copernica uses the following technologies on a regular basis:

  • C++ in cases where performance, stability and memory management is crucial;
  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS for front-end applications;
  • PHP as an interlayer between the front- and back-end, as well as for parts of our back-end;
  • Kubernetes and Docker as our hosting platforms;
  • Linux (primarily Ubuntu) as our operating system;
  • MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL as our database systems;
  • MongoDB as our NoSQL storage platform;
  • Subversion and Git for version control;
  • RabbitMQ as our queueing system;
  • MailerQ as our MTA.

This list is not set in stone. New technologies are introduced and others are phased out.

In house solutions and open-source projects

At Copernica we're not afraid to develop new software. When we're unimpressed with an application or library, we're open to build a new solution ourselves. This can result in spin-off products that we commercialize (such as MailerQ) or open-source libraries that we publish on GitHub (such as AMQP-CPP and PHP-CPP). Many of our internal libraries, frameworks and tools are only used by ourselves and are not shared with the outside world.

As a member of our team, this means you are open to get your knowledge from everywhere: books, blogs, StackOverflow, but also by diving into the code yourself and by monitoring developments outside of Copernica.

To ensure our code is maintainable, we set strict requirements with regard to documentation, structure and readability. A future colleague tasked with solving a bug or adding a feature should be easily able to expand on code left by their predecessor. We believe programming languages are aimed at people, not computers. This philosophy will need to be a good fit for you. 'But it works, right?' isn't always good enough.

What can you expect from Copernica?

Copernica is a friendly employer. We have a pleasant, quiet office right next to Amsterdam Central Station that you can use anytime, but you can also work from home. We properly arrange all the facilities you need to work effectively in either case. This doesn't just include your laptop and phone, but also applies to facilities such as a desk and chair.

In addition to a generous base salary and holiday pay, Copernica offers an appreciation rights program that allows you to build up a virtual interest in the organization and grow alongside it. We also reimburse your travel, phone and internet expenses, as well as providing a training budget and pension scheme.

Our team is relatively small, young and highly educated. To strengthen cohesion within the team, we offer an informal company culture and regularly organize social events both nationally and internationally.

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What can you expect from Copernica?

Hybrid work

Hybrid work

Pension premium

50% employer contribution pension premium

Travel allowance

Full travel allowance


25 vacation days

Training budget

Generous training budget

Career opportunities

Career opportunities


Nice trips


Virtual shares in Copernica

Hybrid work

At Copernica we think it is important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. That is why you get the opportunity to work from home, where your workplace is facilitated by Copernica. Of course you are always welcome at our cozy office, at one of the most beautiful locations in Amsterdam (next to Central Station). In consultation with your manager and your teammates, there is a lot of flexibility to plan your working hours yourself.

Who will be your colleagues?

Our team is culturally diverse and consists of approximately 40 entrepreneurial, innovative, passionate and highly skilled professionals. The company culture is informal. To strengthen our team spirit in this time of hybrid work, we regularly organize fun activities and events in the Netherlands and abroad.

Meet your new colleagues

Interested or do you want to know more?

Do you have questions about this vacancy or do you want to join our team? Please contact our HR coordinator Nikki.

Nikki Prass

About Copernica

Since 2000, Copernica has been the market leader in technical solutions for email marketing and sending bulk email campaigns for SMEs in the Netherlands. Copernica's customers appreciate the reliability of the software and hardware and the customer focus of all employees in the organization. The company is growing steadily and is continuously looking for new talents for all departments. If you know someone who would be a good fit for Copernica, feel free to get in touch.

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