Linux System Administrators and Kubernetes Specialists (full time)

Our Operations department is looking for colleagues to manage our software, Linux server park and Kubernetes cluster.

What does Copernica's Operations department do?

Operations is a versatile department where hard and soft skills coincide. The department is responsible for managing and growing our technical infrastructure, which includes databases, web servers, task servers, storage environments, data processing systems, message queues, build servers, MTAs and more. Kubernetes is important here, although some of our software still runs on bare metal machines or in virtualized environments.

But it's not just about technology. Operations also plays an important role in business processes such as release management. Together with programmers from R&D, release managers from Operations ensure that software is installed on our servers quickly and securely, as well as rolling out new features, optimizations and bug fixes several times a day. All Operations colleagues participate in Development team stand-ups and are involved in the entire development process. Some of them have a programming background and speak programmers' language.

People skills also play a major role in monitoring our software. Operations colleagues maintain contact with customers, suppliers and various other parties (such as ISPs and anti-spam organizations) to ensure that email is correctly delivered. Operations is also in contact with technical and commercial departments to provide them with the resources they need.

Operations should be quiet

The saying that 'Operations should be quiet' is painted on our office walls: when system administrators are busy, something isn't right. Operations should always be on standby to roll out new features or intervene immediately in the case of calamities.

This also has consequences for your position. You are free to organize your time and work yourself, in consultation with your colleagues and team lead. Working from home is not a problem, nor is working at the office. You do not have to be present at nine o'clock, and you can also leave before five. What matters is that colleagues can rely on you. Sometimes this means that you'll be called upon at unorthodox times.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to be a master of Linux systems and to enjoy learning and developing yourself. You are intelligent and can think and work at HBO level or above. Everyone at Copernica speaks English, and most of us also speak Dutch. You'll need to be reliable, professional, meticulous and structured in your work. Because we are jointly responsible for our operations, we expect you to fit well into the team.

Much of Copernica's software is developed in-house. This includes our MTA, cloud service and marketing platform. Our CI/CD pipeline and MapReduce framework are also developed in-house. You will need to learn how to use these 'on the job'. Besides that, you can expect to encounter the following technologies:

  • Linux (especially Ubuntu);
  • Kubernetes and Docker;
  • Apache Cloud Stack;
  • LXD and LXC;
  • Ansible;
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL;
  • MongoDB;
  • Rook and Ceph;
  • Subversion and Git;
  • Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana;
  • Grafana;
  • PowerDNS;
  • MailerQ and Postfix;
  • Apache;
  • Haproxy;
  • RabbitMQ;
  • PHP, JavaScript and C++.

This list is not set in stone. New technologies are introduced and others are phased out. Your input and experience play an important role in this.

And what can you expect from Copernica?

Copernica is a friendly employer. We have a pleasant, quiet office right next to Amsterdam Central Station that you can use anytime, but you can also work from home. We properly arrange all the facilities you need to work effectively in either case. This doesn't just include your laptop and phone, but also applies to facilities such as a desk and chair.

In addition to a generous base salary and holiday pay, Copernica offers an appreciation rights program that allows you to build up a virtual interest in the organization and grow alongside it. We also reimburse your travel, phone and internet expenses, as well as providing a training budget and pension scheme.

Our team is relatively small, young and highly educated. To strengthen cohesion within the team, we offer an informal company culture and regularly organize social events both nationally and internationally.

We are known for:

Our Copernica Marketing Suite is a web application for marketers to create email templates with our drag-and-drop template editor and to sent and automate emails.

Copernica Publisher is our complete email marketing package. It has all the functionality to automate communication flows, via email and sms. We make it easy for marketers to automate mailings based on interactions and all kinds of personal preferences.

MailerQ a flexible and super fast MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). It runs multiple parallel threads to deliver email fast and uses RabbitMQ message queues and JSON making it easy to control a giant email flow.

SMTPeter is mainly an email service for developers. We have made it easy for everybody to send monstrous amounts of email. This simply via our REST or SMTP API. We sign every message with DKIM and catch all kinds of events. Opens, clicks, bounces and DMARC reports.

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