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Laura Hilhorst

Copernica to be present at M3AAWG Paris

Written by Laura Hilhorst on September 29, 2016

Starting 24 until 27 October, the 38th M3AAWG meeting will take place in Paris. The M3AAWG, or Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group, consists of over 200 organizations, among which Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

Laura Hilhorst

Gmail to support responsive email design

Written by Laura Hilhorst on September 15, 2016

Do you hear it? The joyous cries of email developers all over the world? Get ready to join in on it, because the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Yesterday, Google announced that Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will finally support responsive email design using media queries, as well as embedded styles, later this month.

Laura Hilhorst

Personalising hyperlinks outside the actual link

Written by Laura Hilhorst on August 19, 2016

In a recent post, we told you about how hyperlinks in emails are no longer substituted by the pic.vicinity domain, and look a lot more like the original web address instead. Of course, this makes the link look safer to recipients. On top of that, this change in our system has brought another very fortunate side effect: personalising hyperlinks has gotten a lot less tedious.

Laura Hilhorst

New tracking links

Written by Laura Hilhorst on August 19, 2016

After a small hiccup a little while ago, they're back and here to stay: Copernica's new tracking links. From now on, tracking links in Copernica mailings will be better-looking, quicker and easier to personalise.

Laura Hilhorst

Using JavaScript in hyperlinks in mailings

Written by Laura Hilhorst on August 5, 2016

From now on, hyperlinks in Copernica mailings can be provided with a “data-script” attribute. With this interesting new feature, it's possible to link follow-up actions to hyperlinks in an alternative, powerful way.

Laura Hilhorst

Now available: MailerQ 4.0

Written by Laura Hilhorst on August 3, 2016

As of today, a new version of MailerQ, Copernica's MTA, is available. MailerQ 4.0 is even more powerful, flexible and stable, let alone the new features it comes with. We advise MailerQ users to (cautiously) switch to the new version in the near future.

Laura Hilhorst

Re-order campaigns with personalised time intervals for follow-up actions

Written by Laura Hilhorst ,   Boris de Groot on June 9, 2016

It's possible in Copernica to use JavaScript to determine the time interval of a follow-up action. In this script, you can use variables from your database, which makes it possible to get information from the (sub)profile that triggered the follow-up action. You use this profile to personalise the time interval of, for example, re-order messages for purchased products.

Walter Greefkes

Email template editor - share to social made easy

Written by Walter Greefkes on March 7, 2016

In addition to the FollowUs block, a new block was added to the MarketingSuite email template editor this week: the ShareToSocial block. This new block allows template designers to add social media icons to their emails and specify the information subscribers can share with their friends or followers, by posting it on their timeline.

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