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Copernica is the most powerful, flexible and configurable marketing suite you can find, built for marketers and merchants.

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Explore Copernica's features and find out how easy it is to boost your business with our email marketing software.

Create emails in an instant

With our comprehensive Template Editor you create fully personalized emails, which will come to full advantage on every device. Increase email openings by adding personalized salutions and save time by creating emails on the fly with the handy drag-and-drop tool.

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Effective campaigns that help you reach your goals

The user-friendly Follow Up Manager is our Swiss army knife. It helps you create automated campaings on the fly and lets you decide on what conditions your customers will receive your emails. You can now finally build valuable relations with your customers as never before.

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Flexible databases, made easy for everyone

We developed a database environment where everyone is able to start working with data. The flexible structure lets you segment easily between multiple databases. All these tools give you the possibility to reach your customers with the right intention.

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A reliable API that brings you further

Are you a developer? Then you've come to the right place. Our reliable API's and feedback loops give you endless possibilities to incorporate the Copernica Software into your own website or application. The API is fast, encrypted, easy to access and briefly documented.

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Technical features

Fancy drag-and-drop editing

Easily create responsive emails with our drag and drop template editor.

DKIM signing

We sign your outgoing email messages with DKIM keys to improve deliverability.

Flexible databases, made easy for everyone

Personalized campaigns, based on information in different databases.

Log files

Easily accessible log files, download or connect via our REST API.

Bounce tracking

Get notified of undeliverable emails. Also, all data is stored in log files.

Inline CSS

We automatically inline your email's CSS for best results across populair email clients.


The REST and SOAP API allows you to connect with your database.

Click Tracking

Copernica automatically measures who clicked on which link without any hassle.

DMARC validation

It is easy to setup and manage DMARC records from the Copernica dashboard.

Feedback loops

Receive realtime data from Copernica and link it to your own system.

follow-up actions

Automatic responses based on clicks or submitted web forms.

Flexible input

Choose to create and design malings in a drag-n-drop editor or/and in HTML.

Dynamic content

Conditional content or content blocks based on data from various databases.

Personalized attachments

Personalized atachments or generate custom PDFs.

Web forms

Powerful web forms, connected to profiles or follow-up actions.

We configure your DNS

We rotate automatically your DKIM keys.

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We enjoy working with Copernica for setting up, sending and monitoring our (e-)marketing campaigns because of the user-friendliness, reliability and integrity.

Mitsubishi Motors


Copernica offers a fantastic way to store data and really understand the customer.

Brett Sammels, LAW Creative


At the moment, we are generating some very good results using Copernica, for example our click through rate of over 20%!

Suitable Shop


We are able to create our very own digital newsletter in a simple and self-sufficient way using Copernica Marketing Software.

Baars en Bloemhoff


With the marketing software of Copernica and the customization of Tribal we can offer our customers high-quality campaigns at a good price.

Tribal Internet Marketing


With Copernica we send monthly newsletters with ease. In addition, surveys and webforms for different stores.

Martin Bless, Simon LĂ©velt