A simple template editor

The template editor allows you to design beautiful and professional emails.
With its endless options, you can engage your audience by sending targeted emails.

With our comprehensive template editor you create fully personalized emails, which will come to full advantage on every device. Increase email openings by adding personalized solutions and save time by creating emails on the fly with the handy drag-and-drop tool.

Responsive emails

Your email templates are automatically optimized to look amazing on every device.

Marketing automation

Build strong relationships with your customers by setting up automated email campaigns that trigger off of a user’s actions.

Personalized emails

Use what you know about your customers to deliver relevant information, to the right audience, at the right time.

HTML editor

If you want more freedom and control in designing email templates, the HTML editor is something for you.

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Send personalized newsletters

Copernica has all the tools to create, send and analyze the perfect newsletter. With our simple template editor, you can quickly create beautiful responsive emails. It is even possible to create newsletters with personalized conditional content, you only show what the reader actually wants to read.

Confirmation email

Whether you want to create a double-opt-in or other confirmation email, Copernica simply generates a secret code that lets you verify that a link has really been clicked.

Conditional content

Let data speak for you with conditional content. Not only personalize words or sentences but also pictures, articles or video.

RSS / ATOM feeds

With Copernica, it is also possible to build a newsletter using RSS or ATOM feeds. Send your personalized mailing daily or weekly to a shipping item with only items that the recipient wants to read.

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Drag and drop blocks

Easily design your template by using a set of different content blocks.

  • Images

    Upload your images from your computer, or specify their online location.
  • Call to action

    Call-to-actions are styleable in numerous ways. So that you can make them pretty.
  • Text

    The Rich Text Editor enables you to create pretty paragraphs, inline styling and more.
  • Video block

    Entertain your audience with video content by making your emails more lively using the video block.
  • Share buttons

    With a couple of social media buttons, you can create viral mailings.
  • Follow us blocks

    Drag the follow-us block onto your template to link to your company on your favourite social media.
  • Heading

    The heading block allows you to add textual headers to your email design.
  • Webversion

    Use the web version block for all who prefer to open their email in a web browser.
  • Columns

    Split your email template into two or more columns and drop any block that you prefer.
Template Editor

Responsive email templates

Download these templates that we have created for you.