Flexible databases for everyone

With our flexible database structure, you can easily save all kinds of data.
This makes it possible to create advanced segmentations based on data from multiple databases.

Flexible databases for everyone

We developed a database environment where everyone is able to start working with data. The flexible structure lets you segment easily between multiple databases. All these tools give you the possibility to reach your customers with the right intention.

Free database structure

A free database structure means that you can make connections and integrations without any restrictions.

Layers and layers

Enrich the structure of your database with multiple layers and determine what you want to save.

Synchronize flawlessly

Synchronize information automatically using sophisticated follow-up actions or our reliable API.

Powerful segmentation

The flexible structure lets you segment easily between multiple databases and reach your customers with the right intention.

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Create and manage your databases

Store and manage information about your contacts in one place and create segments for highly targeted emails

Create database

Copernica allows you to create your own databases to collect, manage and process your relations' data online. You decide what information about your relations you want to store and use for marketing campaigns. From standard name and address information to click throughs in your newsletters, all the information you need is saved and accessible from any location. You are free to structure your database any way you like in Copernica. There is no limit on the number of database fields that you can add.

Example of a multidimensional database

Here is an example of the structure from the database named: "Customers"

Profile 1

Customer 1

Profile 2

Customer 2

Profile 3

Customer 3

Collection 1


Subprofile field names

  • Name
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Category

Collection 2


Subprofile field names

  • Order_id
  • Payment
  • Total
  • Status

Collection 3


Subprofile field names