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Copernica partner: PI marketing

PI marketing

The choice for Copernica has been made. But then? How do I get the most out of it? Where do I begin? How do I ensure speed and revenue growth, but at the same time monitor quality? PI marketing developed together with Copernica SMART START especially for newcomers and transferers with these questions. SMART START consists of a number of services with which you can organize your e-mail marketing smartly, qualitatively and scalably in Copernica within no time. And you don't pay an hourly fee, but a (low) amount per month for smart solutions. Solutions that ensure that you achieve and continue to achieve your goal because PI marketing ensures that they are continuously optimized. A few examples are: - Responsive e-mail template - guaranteed deliverability & always up to date - Retargeting flows - automatic emails with personalized content based on website behavior - Active webshop link - Magento, Woocommerce, Lightspeed & others - Lead generation - maximum growth of your database - Newsletter dispatch - fast processes, no errors - Multilingualism - all your email marketing in multiple languages ​​without complexity - Account setup - future proof, professional setup & import of all your data - Dashboards - real-time insight into the quality and performance of your email marketing

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Copernica partner: Adwise - Your Digital Brain

Adwise - Your Digital Brain

Wij zijn Adwise. Een digital agency met meer dan 100 creatieve denkers en doeners aan de digitale frontier. Wij zetten bedrijven op een beslissende voorsprong. We creëren groei en concurrentievoordeel met geweldige ervaringen. De digitale tijd biedt kansen voor iedereen. Het verzilveren van deze kansen vraagt om een agency die verder kijkt dan morgen en er vandaag al mee aan de slag gaat.

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Copernica partner: Ematters BV

Ematters BV

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Copernica partner: Internetbureau Addvision

Internetbureau Addvision

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