Become a Copernica partner

Do you own a communication, internet or marketing agency and would you like to expand your services with the most powerful marketing software? With the Copernica partner license you can offer your clients a solution that enables them to create email, web, mobile and print campaigns.

Become a partner

A partner license offers lots more than just access to Copernica Marketing Software. Besides all the powerful features of the software itself, a partner license also comes with a full range of unique commercial opportunities.

How to register as a Copernica partner

Registering as a partner is done in the blink of an eye. After you’ve signed up for a partner license you can login to your account on In your account you then can register as a Copernica partner. Add your contact details, and don’t forget to include relevant content in all languages supported by you. Save your input and hey presto; you’re registered as a Copernica partner!

The added value of becoming a registered partner

Registering as a Copernica partner comes with the following benefits:

  • Share your fields of expertise with over 5000 Copernica users
  • Generate turnover via the Copernica network
  • Mention the partnership on your website

Share your fields of expertise with over 5000 Copernica users

When in need of support, development of campaigns and integrations, creating templates, training and other services, users can contact registered Copernica partners directly via Using your partner profile, you can showcase your expertises, cases, reviews from Copernica users and prices to the network of Copernica users.

Generate turnover via the Copernica network

As soon as a user selects you as their partner of choice, you instantly become the first point of contact for questions about and support of the software. While the connection is active, Copernica rewards you with 10% of all turnover from this user. This is just one of the five ways of generating revenue with Copernica.

Mention the partnership on your website

By registering yourself as a Copernica partner, you’ve acquired the right to place the Copernica Registered partner logo on your website. Not only is this is a mark of quality, linking the logo back to your partner profile on also helps you in getting the most out of our partnership.


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